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Jun 17, 2013 05:48 PM

Salinas, tapas in Chelsea

Anyone been? Recommendations?

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    1. I'm quite fond of Salinas - I think they get lost in the shuffle of hipper tapas places like Txikito and Tertulia (though FWIW, the partners at Txikito met while working for Chef Bollo of Salinas at his old place)

      The suckling pig is excellent (if a bit expensive) and is one of his more famous dishes, a holdover from his old place Meigas. His deconstructed gazpachos are also excellent if they're on the menu (sometimes there are a couple different kinds, sometimes none...)

      I also think his fideos are excellent - the squid-ink one with shaved sepia and powdered beets is a particular favorite of mine. Also like the fried Brussels sprouts & cauliflower. And there's anything with the house-cured salt cod, that's probably a good bet.