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Tokyo Fish

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Where do they get the kids who work the fish counter at Tokyo Fish? When I buy fish I usually ask for 2/3rds of a pound or a bit less. The last time I went there it took this girl four trrys to cut me a piece that size. It seems like the same thing happens almost every time I go there.

No big deal. I just don't understand how somebody can spend two days working at a fish counter and not figure out what 2/3rds of a pound looks like.

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  1. Relatives or family friends is my guess.

    Also it takes a while for a fish monger to get the ability to "eye-ball" X/Y pounds on a cut. The good ones can do it and I've seen old timers smile after nailing the requested weight on the head.

    1. I can't remember ever seeing a girl behind the counter. Maybe she's new? I don't usually have fish cut to size, so I can't comment on that, but they're always really careful to select good mussels.

      1. The guy who was waiting on my the other day was really good.

        1. So if the piece is not 2/3 or less, you make them recut it - no wonder the line never moves!

          1. Why 2/3 of a pound? Isn't it more usual to order things by 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4?

            Could be that asking for an unusual fraction causes a bit of confusion.

            1. It isn't just what it "looks like" as until you are experienced, different fishies have different density, etc. etc. I almost always have fish cut to size there, on average, a piece a week, and in the rare event that what is cut isn't within my tolerance, I've never been met with anything other than a friendly response to a re-cut or selection of another piece.

              1. I'm occasionally disappointed because sometimes when I ask for 3/4 pound of dover or petrale sole they miss by half an ounce.

                1. I generally have the opposite experience. I go all the time and am constantly amazed at how close they come to the weight I request.

                  Also, they clean fish well upon request, cut things as I ask. All this with a smile; they are very pleasant there. In general I find the service there to be better than any place else I know.

                  I've never seen a woman behind the fish counter there. She may be new, or perhaps even filling in.