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Jun 17, 2013 04:26 PM

UES casual dinner/drinks

Thank you to everyone who helped with my earlier oatmeal request.

Now something different -- can anyone recommend somewhere on the Upper East Side for a casual dinner or snacks/drinks on a Saturday night? We'll be heading there after the Guggenheim, so anything from about 72nd street up to about 110th would work.

We'll be about 6 people, and either a sit down restaurant or a bar with food would work. Any cuisine, but preferably not Italian or standard bar food (both are hard with my gluten intolerance). Mexican, Thai, Mediterranean / Greek, and Japanese usually work well.

I know there are a bunch of new places in the East 80s - 90s, but don't really know them as I haven't lived in the city for a few years. Trying to avoid the many terrible restaurants in that area.

Oh, and a low price point would be best -- entrees around $15-20, or apps / snacks for less than $15.


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  1. Your price-point is tough. Check out El Paso on Lexington (103-104); also Yo In Yo Out on Lex (100-101).

    1. I believe Cascabel Taqueria's UES location has gluten free items.

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      1. re: kathryn

        I'm gluten free and have safely eaten at Cascabel a number of times.

        1. re: kathryn

          Cascabel would be perfect. The last time I tried to go there it was packed with a very long wait, but that was a few years ago. How crazy busy would it be on a Saturday night at about 8 or 8:30? Any idea?

        2. ABV and Kaia are both interesting wine bars that I think qualify among the best reasonably-priced options for an out of the ordinary dinner on the UES. For Mediterranean, Beyoglu should be on your list. For Japanese, you may be able to do Tori Shin at your price range or Gajyumaru. Mexican is doable: MXCo and Cascabel are both popular, but your better options are further uptown in Spanish Harlem. The tortas and cemitas at Cafe Ollin are definitely travel worthy.

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            Cafe Ollin looks great -- do you know how busy it tends to be on weekend nights?

            1. re: nyc_to_ma

              It's a small spot but I've never had any trouble showing up without reservations and it's extremely rare that I've had to wait excessively for an order to be prepared.

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              I always consider Tori Shin very pricey-probably because we always get omakase. If you order individual plates, it might add up since portions small. BTW Gajyumaru no longer there-it has new sign-I think it says Greenbay sushi.

            3. B cafe (Belgian). Good and price point is in your ballpark.