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Jun 17, 2013 03:43 PM

54/Nic Bfst

Where can I get breakfast near 54th and Nicollet? Does Sunstreet have anything good?

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  1. Wise Acre Eatery is at 54th and Nicollet and they are open at 9 a.m. every morning.

    Oh, and I haven't been to Sunstreet, but it does get good reviews for breakfast.

    1. I really like the biscuit sandwiches at sunstreet. It has a little southern vibe to the menu, good bit of biscuit and gravy and what-not, and they do a good job. I would definitely go there over wise acre. patisserie 46 would be an option, if you wouldn't mind a limited menu(quiche, croissant sandwiches) but the are also really good. Sun street is prob where I would go though for a little more variety and a pretty darn tasty biscuit.

      1. Sun Street is good. Patisserie 46 is fine for sweeter, gooier fare. (They are also dark on Mondays.) I haven't been to Wise Acre. I have heard good things, but the menu also looks offputtingly pricy to me.

        A little further afield, consider Turtle Bread at 48 @ Chicago or Butter at 37 @ Nicollet. Butter is very good, but you have to detour around the construction to get to them.

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          If Butter's neighborhood is in play, I'd recommend Blackbird at 3800 Nicollet. Or just a few blocks from there, Victor's 1959 at 38th & Grand.

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            Didn't realize Blackbird was open for breakfast - looks great! Hope the construction winds up soon.

        2. Sunstreet is really good and right now they have this delicious homemade raspberry jam on every table; so yummy. P46 has amazing coffee cake and they also do a few savory options like a daily quiche and a filled croissant.

          1. I'll second the recommendation for Sun Street's biscuit sandwiches. I had a homemade spam one and it was really nice.