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Jun 17, 2013 03:38 PM

Yummy Sushi in Philadelphia

My girlfriend and I are heading to Philadelphia this week, either Wednesday or Friday. We've been several times before and are familiar with the city, but are wondering what the good sushi places are for a belated celebration of sorts. I'm not familiar with the Philly sushi scene at all. I live not far from NYC tho, so I do know the quality of good sushi, tho my knowledge of sushi venues in Philly pretty much stops at Morimoto. I've been to the Morimoto in NYC twice and it is quite good there, but what's good in the City of Brotherly Love?

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  1. If you frequent sushi places in NYC I'd skip ours, it's not something Philly is great at. We do have some very good places (Zama would be my pick, though I haven't been in a while) but if you've only been here a few times and are not married to the sushi plan you may want to try something else.

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      Definitely not married to it... what else might you suggest?

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        Vedge and Zahav are both unlike anything you'll find in NYC (that I know of) and both have tables for 2 @ 8:15 on Wednesday according to Opentable. You may have been to Zahav already. We also have quite a few great BYOBs, Kanella (Cypriot Greek) is one of my favorites that you can get into on short notice. Koo Zee Doo (Portuguese) in Northern Liberties is another excellent one, though with a group of 2 you'd need to order a bit carefully as some of the plates there are huge.

        I'd recommend Vernick too if not for the fact that this is for this week, they're pretty much booked up. They do a lot of great raw and barely-cooked fish dishes, so if you wanted to keep kinda-sorta close to sushi in spirit you may want to call them and see if they have any availability. They also have 4 stools at the chef's counter, I don't know if they reserve those seats unless you specifically ask.

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          Thanks for the info. Our trip is confirmed for Friday, which may make dining a bit more challenging and the city a bit busier!

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            If you are not turned off by the idea of eating at a bar, you might have more options than opentable suggests. I have never made a reservation at Vedge or Vernick and eat at both regularly, at the bar. Full menu, a chance to chat with other diners, and lots of time to talk to the bartender (especially fun to do at Vernick where the cocktails are almost as remarkable as the food).

    2. Samurai in Villanova gets good press.

      1. If you are driving, head to Fuji in Haddonfield NJ - just across the river from Center City Phila. Best sushi in the area.

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          With over 45 years experience, Matt Ito is an icon. Back in the day, people drove all the way from NYC to eat at his South Jersey Cinnaminson Location. Definitely worth the trip across the river.

        2. Zento on Chestnut Street between 2nd and Front Streets is very good and less expensive than Morimoto. We also like Fat salmon on Walnut Street betwen 7th and 8th (closer to 7th).

          1. My current sushi Philadelphia is Doma on Callowhill between 18th and 19th

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              Will follow your lead.

              Happy to see chirashi on the menu!

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                doma is very, very good. they also do takoyaki, which can be hard to find in the states....someone else's rec for zento is also good. zento has an excellent king crab miso soup, though i may be the only person under the age of 80) who wants soup in this weather....