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Simply Yummy -- Crepes, Ice Cream, etc. (Bloor West Village)

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The BWV neighbourhood is slowly offering more food options, I had a craving for something sweet, and I've been walking past the Simply Yummy sidewalk signs for weeks, so I decided to check it out.

It's located on the SE corner of Bloor West & Windermere, in a retail court. Not the greatest for storefront visibility, but the charm is that there is an interior square with plenty of outdoor seating (almost a little hidden oasis from the busy street).

I ordered a Nutella+Banana crepe and smoothie. It was presented in a triangle fold foil-paper, easy for take out.

I took a bite -- yup, happy :)

The crepe had a nice crisp exterior, not over cooked or dry. Of course, you can't go wrong with Nutella, especially when combined in bananas and warm.

Anyways, they also offer Savoury crepes (Hawaiian, Ham & Cheese, Cordon Bleu), Ice Cream (Kawarthas), Smoothies, Custom Ice Cream Cakes, shaved ice, etc.

So, again, it's nice to have another food/snack option for BWV, instead of grabbing 'stuuf' like McD -- I'm definitely going to try a savoury crepe instead (price points are very reasonable)

And, like I mentioned before, the retail court/patio is a nice little haven away from the bustle of the street to enjoy the weather and your treat.


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  1. Sounds 'yummy' - but you're actually giving up McD's???

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      Variety is the spice of life ....