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Jun 17, 2013 03:07 PM

Takeout in Portland

When you just don't want to cook, where do you go for takeout and what do you get? Other than the standard pizza or Chinese food.....

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  1. We usually go to Pom's on Congress. (We used to be big fans of Whaddapita.) There is no Chinese, and I've tried takeout from Yosaku, but whatever it is we got didn't travel well and they aren't as well set up for takeout as Pom's.

    1. For carryout I like Saigon, Duckfat (if you don't mind double parking), Seng Chai Thai, the El Corazon food truck (particularly the tamales), sicilian slab at Micucci, El Rayo, and anywhere that sells Miyake sushi (I've seen it at Rosemont and a few other places). Silly's carryout is reliable, too.

      For delivery, I'll use have a few decent places available: Jewel of India, The Green Elephant, Nosh, Po Boys and Pickles, Star East, Pom Thai--

      or Otto pizza delivers--the delivery number is on their Web site.

      1. Zen Chinese Bistro is good Chinese food on Danforth. It's usually piping hot when we get it home (but then again, we live next door).