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Jun 17, 2013 03:03 PM

London - Dumplings

Which are the best dumpling places in Chinatown? I've tried the two bao stalls (same owner?), Baozi Inn, Jen Cafe. But where else is good and for which particular types of dumplings? I like all kinds.

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  1. I like the xiao long bao at Leongs Legends. And Royal China in Canary Wharf are my favourite dim sum in london.

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    1. re: bleep75

      Seconded on LL xiao long bao.
      I also love their pork buns. :-D

    2. For Chinatown: I was at Joy King Lau last month -it's quite good:

      But the better dim sum spots are in Marylebone - Phoenix Palace and Royal China Club:

      1. Walking distance from Chinatown - besides great noodles, Chang's on Coptic Street has superb jiao3 zi3/northern styled dumplings - versions with pork or Chinese chives/jiu3 cai4; we ordered the latter and found them great.

        1. We ended up at:

          1) Jen Cafe for steamed jiaozi - thick skins, which I quite like, good filling (very porky)

          2) Dumplings Legends for the spicy pork and pork & crab xiao long bao - spicy pork was numbing-hot, mostly tasted of ginger, but the broth had lots of flavour. The other kind was porky, but the broth definitely tasted better than the meat mixture.

          3) The bao stall opposite Baozi Inn - they've introduced a pork and bamboo option - nice crunch from the bamboo, good pork flavours. Will try pork and seaweed next time.

          Thanks for your suggestions! I've been to Chang's before thanks to Chowhound, and thoroughly enjoyed their noodle soup. Eventually will work my way onto other things in the menu.

          1. Not in Chinatown, but I have always loved the lamb and onion dumplings at Silk Road in Camberwell. They're among the best lamb dumplings I've had anywhere, China included. Great money for value as well.

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              I travel ridiculous distances to eat them. I might petition them to start a Silk Road II up in north London.