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Jun 17, 2013 02:37 PM

Korean in Vancouver

Looking for a good Korean restaurant to go to. Something fairly traditional, price not a concern. Probably best bets are somewhere near Robson/Denman but I'm good with any alternatives further afield. I'm not looking for special dishes in particular but if there are any please do mention.


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  1. Seoul Doogbaegi on Kingsway is what I would choose.

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    1. re: fmed

      I'm a big fan of their mushroom soondubu.

    2. If you want multi-coursed, fairly innovative Korean, you can go to Sura on Robson...go for su or the ra set menus during lunchtime. They're a steal of a deal.
      If you're into Korean-Chinese, Book Kyung on Robson will not disappoint.
      If you don't care about decor or ambience, Ma Dang Goul on Denman is reliable, if unspectacular,
      In Burnbaby, Hanwoori is realiable and Potter's Garden is a revelation. If you venture westward on Kingsway, Chosun is popular with Korean, Cantonese, Chinese, and Taiwanese ex-pats.
      If you want to explore, go to Burquitlam. Stay a few days...the quality of local Korean food is at least on par with the L.A. Korean scene (you heard that right!).

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      1. re: fiopo

        Great list fiopo. In Burquitlam, I like Seok Gi Si Dae, Insadong, and Kimbab Cheonguk.

      2. Does anyone serve live baby octopus (san nakji) here?

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          I've been looking and have not yet found a place that serves san nakji. I'll definitely report if I do find a place (but don't hold your breath).