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Jun 17, 2013 02:35 PM

Looking for ideas using fresh peaches!

I have a banana box full of beautiful fresh peaches from a neighbor and am looking to find new and exciting uses for them. Here's the catch, though.... no grains and no sugar.

Other than smoothies and chutney do you have something wonderful you make with fresh peaches?

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  1. The Pioneer Woman posted about grilling peaches today, she used maple syrup but you could probably skip that part. She then used them in 3 different applications... the one that looked best to me was topping a salad with gorgonzola or blue cheese. Maybe w/ a balsamic dressing?

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    1. re: juliejulez

      What timing!

      I forgot to mention grilling, always so good... and we grill constantly in the summer.

      I have to admit I'm not a PW fan but I will see what her salad recommendations are. I have gorgonzola, stilton and chevre in the frige right now so the pairing interests me. Thanks, JJ.

      1. re: weezieduzzit

        There wasn't much to her salad....she just said " with greens and dressing of your choice" pretty much. Oh, and she added pecans too. Her other suggestions were topping ice cream with the pecans and maple syrup, or mixing the same w/ greek yogurt.

        1. re: juliejulez

          Grill and make a brown sugar and rum sauce. Serve over ice cream.

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          Don't know about the PW, but I've made a fantastic salad with arugula, blue cheese, and sliced peaches/nectarines. Don't remember if I even had to put dressing on it. Would be nice with pecans, especially glazed pecans.

        3. re: juliejulez

          Grilled peaches sliced over micro greens with Gorgonzola and toasted almonds and a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette. I do the same with sliced pears and sliced mangoes (not grilled) and the salads always get raves.
          Otherwise please send to me - getting decent peaches, or any stone fruit not locally grown, is all but impossible in Hawai'i.

          1. Puree them and mix them with scotch.

              1. I often freeze berries on a pan and then put in a Ziplock bag for future use. I am wondering if you peeled and sliced and put on a rack, if you could use for future use? Just curious what part of the country are your peaches from? Lucky you.

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                1. re: Ruthie789

                  THis works great for peaches, too.

                  1. re: Terrie H.

                    That makes me happy, I am going to try it this summer, thank you.

                    1. re: weezieduzzit

                      Lucky you! We only get local peaches towards the end of summer. I can only think of peach recipes with sugar, but thought of Peach Melba minus the sugar in the raspberry coulis, that is if you can eat the ice cream.