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Jun 17, 2013 01:59 PM

I need a firm but moist cake recipe for my birthday

I've made a birthday cake for my father, he loved it but I didn't from my aesthetic point of view. I followed this recipe
everyone found it successful I made it and it tasted wonderful, however my problem was the cake breaks apart easily, even after refrigerating to harden, I ended up breaking it in when I tried to take it out the pan and when I was trying to frost it.
My Birthday is in 3 days and I'd like to make a very special cake for myself. I consider making cakes in art since I like making designs for them.

I've also tried the syrup soaking/tres leches, they really aren't effective if the cake itself doesn't have any flavor. Heck I put some strawberry syrup/milk onto my Dad's cake and it tasted even more flavorful, but on other cakes it doesn't really have a flavor.

I also want to attempt to make a cake like this

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  1. I made the campfire cake from sweetapolita and loved it! I love her site. Another good site is raspberri cupcake. Enjoy!

    1. I've made the same Grandma's Moist Cake Recipe but with 3 cups self-rising flour:

      It's my go-to yellow cake (I skip the syrup soaking and the butter flavoring and add some almond and vanilla extracts)

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        How much of a difference does 1/2 cup more make?

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          I don't know - I've never made the recipe you linked to. I have made the recipe I linked to, and it was good and worked nicely.

          It sounds like part of your problem was removing from the pans -- line the pans with circles of parchment. It helps a lot.

      2. I recently made the white layer cake from cooks illustrated, and it turned out great. Wonderful flavor and texture. I'm not an expert baker or froster :) and I still impressed everyone with it.

        The bad news, I used a thick layer of buttercream and it tasted much too heavy for the cake. So if the ombré uses lots of buttercream ... It might not match.

        1. I often make a silver cake which is quite moist but does not crumb, so it is easy to frost. I will look for the link and post it back for you. It's a simple cake, nothing fancy. I make another type of frosting for cake. I have not tried frosting in this link.


          1. I have a tip.

            After you cool the cake, freeze it. Then frost it frozen. It will be much easier to handle and won't break. I do that all the time.

            For example, here is a picture of a cake I made. It's 13 x 9 x 2. After baking, I sliced it frozen, no problem, no breaking. I filled it with whipped cream and then covered it in chocolate ganache. Also, there is a pic of a smaller cake I also froze and then cut into small slices.

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              ^^^this is what professional bakers do.^^

              freeze the cake, then apply a thin layer of base frosting and put back in the freezer. this is the "crumb coat". you can frost and refreeze or frost an hour before serving. this is fool-proof for avoiding crumbs in the frosting and not breaking off any bits of cake.

              if the cake breaks when you are removing it from the pan, you need more butter to grease the pan or a layer of parchment. and to be certain it's completely cooked.