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Jun 17, 2013 01:17 PM

Wedding cake recommendations

Hi, can anyone recommend a great, yummy wedding cake designer in Vancouver who can do a more simpler, light touch cake execution? Here's an example of the cake:

When I see portfolios of cake houses, they seem to do more full on tiered older designs. Or, maybe this type of cake is pretty straightforward and anyone can do this.

Ideas? Gluten free would be is something we're also considering if it's alla Georgetown cupcake gluten free quality.

Thank you!!!

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  1. I have used Cake Conspiracy on several occasions. Can't speak to the gf cakes, but the other cakes are delish!

    1. High Crow does some very nice cake, and Spiritual Ingredients does lovely decorating. Maybe they can collaborate on your cake?

      1. Ganache Patisserie (Homer St) and Kreation Artisan Bakery (Main St) do great stuff.

        Especially Kreation ..... Ms. Kanno (owner/baker) is amazing in designs:

        We miss her being formerly on Cambie St :-(