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Jun 17, 2013 01:11 PM

Small restaurants in the Vosges

A fall driving tour will take us north from Colmar through the Vosges on the Tour de Cretes wine road and into Alsace. I would like some recommendations on rural or small town restaurants to try in the area.

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  1. You might try, just east of Munster, Restaurant des Cascades, 6 Rue de Saegmatt 68140 Stosswihr. It's a somewhat isolated and local "end-of-the-valley" place where the wind often comes down from the mountains at about 14:00. And for our second visit in a row it it did, blowing in a lovely little storm as we watched from the cozy interior. Unfortunately, we could not enjoy the oven-fired tartes flambees, which are offered only at night. We'd love to be there for dinner sometime.
    -- Jake