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Jun 17, 2013 01:06 PM

Fall trip to Germany and France

Plan on a driving tour from Munich to Frieburg (Black Forest) over to Colmar (wine road) and up to Colonge next Fall. I am always looking for suggestions for small country inns that serve great local food. Any suggestions from past experiences would be appreciated. Our itenarary is very flexible as to where we wander for 20 days.

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  1. A looong time ago i went to this restauant in strasbourg where they only serve cheese and wine. If that's your thing i Highly recommend it. It's called la cloche a formage.

    1. Perfect time to visit. Many winefests will be held during each weekend. From Colmar, you can also sidetrack to Rheims France for champagne, or back into Germany for the RheinPfalz, RheinHessen, and Rheingau regions.

      Can't help you on the food part as it has been a while.

      If you are collecting stars, there is always Becker's in Trier.