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TONS of produce - what to do with cauliflower, radishes, mushrooms...

I have a boatload of produce leftover from a wedding venue (wife's a chef and we took all the leftover fresh produce from the last wedding).

Cauliflower - about 10 lbs at least
radishes - about 8 lbs (I will pickle some)
Button Mushrooms - 2 cases!
Chives galore
Arugula - thinking pesto?
have lots of fresh herbs to add too.

I'd hate to get rid of any of it. any ideas for things that I can make and will freeze well?
Chef wifey isn't up for cooking this week :-)

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  1. Wow, what a windfall.
    Cauliflower soup, of course oven roasted, pasta salad, puree of cauliflower, Indian Gobi Aloo,

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      +1 to caulifower soup. here's my fave recipe:

      1 large onion
      1 bulb fennel
      6-8 cloves garlic
      1 head cauliflower
      olive oil
      salt and pepper
      2 bay leaves
      1 quart chicken or vegetable stock

      peel, trim and chop vegetables. toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. roast in 450-degree oven for 30 minutes. transfer to large sauce pan. add stock and bay leaves. simmer for 30 minutes. remove bay leaves before pureeing

      1. re: wonderwoman

        I make this often, no fennel. It can be frozen

        1. re: cheesecake17

          it does freeze well.

          the orginal recipe called for celery, and didn't roast the veggies. since celery always seems to go bad before i use it all, i've been substituting fennel, which keeps really well in air-tight glass jars.

          1. re: wonderwoman

            Wrapping celery in tinfoil makes it last practically forever!

    2. Mushroom duxelles freezes very well.

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      1. I found a version of mac n cheese with cauliflower online and made that recently to use up some quality cheese I had on hand. Very good combination.

        Roasted radishes is about as simple as it gets and they are so good.

        Stuffed mushrooms for the largest ones; roasted in garlic they will freeze to use over time in a variety of egg, beef, stew dishes or mushroom cream soup.

        Arugula & herbs I'd use daily in a mixed greens salad, homemade pesto, cocktails and ice tea/fruit aids.

        Nice haul!

        1. For the herbs:

          Either make a pesto-like mixture (sans parm and nuts) and freeze in ice cube trays. I add it to sauces, salads (non lettuce types), salad dressings, pasta, soup, etc.

          Or, I've also made this dry herb mix.

          I love a summer cauliflower salad, as you would make a broccoli salad.

          Marinated mushrooms. Or, make a nice mushroom wine sauce for chicken or beef.

          When I'm overloaded with fresh spinach, I wash it and stick it in stick it in the freezer, in freezer bags. I pull it out to add to soups or dip. It comes out exactly like frozen spinach that you buy at the grocery.

          I'm sure a friend or neighbor would love to get a goody bag if you become overwhelmed with this cornucopia.

          1. I've made this parmesan-roasted cauliflower from Bon Apetit several times and loved it: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/201...

            I can't speak to how it freezes because it's usually all eaten within a day or so.

            1. If you like Indian food, try this:

              dum = steam cooked. Gobhi = cauliflower.

              I have not tried the recipe, but the ingredients look correct.
              Discard the whole spices after cooking (the cardamom etc.), they are usually not eaten.

              I doubt if this will freeze.

              If you like biryani, you can google for cauliflower biryani.

              1. I have some curried cauliflower pickles going from this recipe: http://corkandrind.blogspot.com/2009/.... I cut the sugar by 1/4. They haven't finished their one week rest, but they do promise to be very good.

                Chives you can cut & freeze.

                1. Like pagesinthesun:
                  I would blanch, puree with olive oil, (and maybe garlic) but not parm for the herbs so they can used in many things for seasoning or marinades. Of course, freeze in small quantities. You can add parmesan when using if you want pesto.

                  Yes, to the mushroom minced (duxelles) or sliced and sauted and frozen. If you need ideas for use let us know.

                  Freeze cauliflower soup with arugula as well or a puree and now or later with maybe leeks and potatoes, chives, arugula.

                  Radishs can be used in roasted and used it fatoosh, but no good rec.
                  good luck.

                  1. For the cauliflower, giardinera. I'd be tempted to use some radishes in it too. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/je...

                    Radishes: I really enjoyed this Edamame and Radish Salad. http://www.alexandracooks.com/2013/03...

                    Sorry, just realized you want stuff to freeze. I wouldn't freeze either one, but the Giardinera will keep well over a week in the fridge.

                    I've never tried it, but I would think the mushrooms would freeze well if sliced and sauteed first.

                    1. Roasted cauliflower steaks (thick slices)
                      Mushroom/veggie lasagna
                      Mushroom Bourguignon @ smittenkitchen.com (very tasty!)
                      Radish salad

                      1. Pesto, with any combo of the arugula and herbs freezes well. Freeze in ice cube trays and snack size ziplock bags

                        1. Make healthy quinoa and add these veggies to it. Dress with orange juice, parsley, rice vinegar, EVO. Also, your local food banks would be so appreciative.

                          1. "TONS of produce - what to do with cauliflower, radishes, mushrooms..."

                            -Send them over here, problem solved. ;)

                            1. Mushrooms freeze easily for future use. Just clean them, slice if you want, or not, and saute them in a little butter until the juice runs. I freeze them in muffin tins but you have a lot more so may have to improvise. It's convenient to freeze in quantities that correspond with eventual use.

                              Depending on how much you like cauliflower au gratin, it freezes well so judge how much to make. Cheese sauce: 1 stick of butter, 1/2 cup flour, 1 qt milk, 1 8-oz envelope shredded sharp cheddar, 1/2 tsp salt. Mix lightly with cooked cauliflower and freeze; finish in oven when you want it.

                              1. Arugula, Mushroom, and Radish Salad

                                Haven't tried it, but looks interesting - http://www.philly.com/philly/restaura...

                                1. You could make boscaiola sauce with the mushrooms -- just add tomatoes, onion, a bit of wine and sausage (I leave this out, but it's normally in there). Freezes great.

                                  1. You can use up the cauliflower in piccalilli if you like pickles (http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/ty...) , and mushrooms can be pickled as well. You could also make mushroom pate and/or mushroom lasagne

                                    1. You could roast the cauli, mushies. How about donating to a food bank or local shelter(s).

                                      1. Cauliflower pickles. Are the chives regular thin ones or the Asian variety? I make a pot sticker dumpling with chives and shrimp.Mushroom duxelles? That should freeze well and be useful later, like for Beef Wellington at Christmas time.

                                        1. I'm curious what you did with your plethora of produce, Leeshie45?