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Jun 17, 2013 11:53 AM

what is a cool restaraunt with good food in rockford, illinois?

going out to eat with an ex girlfriend in an unfamiliar city, would like some guidance on where to go

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  1. There are some older discussions about Rockford here, although nothing all that recent. Perhaps those familiar with it can chime in with what's new.

    1. From the topic on the LTH forum:

      A side trip to Freeport revealed the Union Dairy, aka Alber's Ice Cream:
      126 E Douglas St
      Freeport IL 61032-4116

      Lino's is an Italian place on State Street in Rockford, looks like they're trying to channel Olive Garden's ambiance (faux stone work -- bonus for naked cherubs) with old-skool (sic) red-sauce Italian. I wasn't impressed with their meatballs (too pasty) but otherwise good stuff, and friendly service:
      5611 E State St, Rockford, IL, 815.397.2077

      Alpine View is a family dining place with an Omega-like menu and dessert case, although seems to be more Italian than Greek. Low prices, decent food. Prime Rib on weekends for $11.99 is nicely roasted and a generous portion. Fried chicken was crisp and tasty. A few points off for foil-wrapped baked spuds, and a very dull-tasting pecan pie. Nice escape from the chain restaurants.
      1710 S Alpine Rd
      Rockford, IL 61108
      (815) 227-5400

      Vietnamese Restaurant (forget the name) has good Goi Ga –chicken salad and Banh Xeo – viet crepe
      324 7th Street
      Rockford, IL 61104

      Da Catch
      1528 Kishwaukee St (at 15th Ave)
      Rockford, IL 61104
      (815) 963-9460

      Stockholm Inn
      2420 Charles Street
      Rockford, IL

      1. Sadly, Rockford isn't really known for its food scene. Are you interested in any particular type of food or atmosphere? Would you be okay with driving out of town?

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          The Irish Rose on State Street downtown Rockford is excellent. Try the place. Have drinks. Tip. Be good. Some of the best cuisine in town. Also, Green Fire on Riverside. For great Mexican food travel Alpine Rd north from E State st. Look on your right and find it. There's a mall:)

        2. I'm in chicago, she lives in wisconsin, this is a half way meeting point; so around there would not be the end of the world.

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            A cheesehead dealing with a flat lander?
            Sorry, just had to deal with the posting.

          2. I see that Franchesco's has extremely favorable reviews on Opentable, and it's right near the Tollway. I have not been there myself.