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Jun 17, 2013 11:34 AM

Pig Roast

I'm looking for someone (restaurant, caterer or independent) to do a pig roast for a party at my home in Northern, VA. I don't need anything but the cooked pig. Any suggestions? I saw an earlier thread but it's a few years old.

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  1. I happened to see this on the Green Pig Bistro website, but I have not eaten there so hopefully someone has some experience:

    and here is a CH thread on the Bistro

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      Thanks! I've actually been there for dinner and the food was great. I never thought of checking to see if they did pig roasts.

    2. I cook for a frat at UMD, every fall they order a whole grilled pig from a farmer near Annapolis. He delivers it cooked on a grill, and either leaves the grill to be picked up later, or I break it down and bring it into the kitchen. Convenience is the over riding factor. I'm certain you'll find the same opportunity in NoVa.

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        1. Id check out Big Mooks in nova. They might be able to help you out.

          1. I was reading the menu at Rocklands while waiting for my sandwich and I noticed that they do whole pig roasts. The price varies by weight of the pig, smaller ones being more expensive per pound.

            From their on-line catering menu:
            ROCKLANDS is famous for its wonder-ful whole smoked pigs that are guaranteed to make any event a success. Your pig is displayed whole (head to tail!) on a decorated
            board. Pigs are available up to 120 pounds.
            Carving available upon request.
            Allow approximately one pound per person