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Jun 17, 2013 11:28 AM

Playa Vista/Pacific Palisades Highlands

This really is a question about food, not about the other aspects of certain neighborhoods. We now live just east of Bundy, just south of Santa Monica and thus are ideally situated to enjoy the offerings of Sawtelle/Little Osaka, with easy access to plenty other neighborhoods. But, we are probably going to move, and have the option of a beautiful, renovated townhouse near the top of Pacific Palisades Highlands (with killer views and an amazing kitchen) or a lovely apartment with great amenities in the heart of that little oasis known as Playa Vista (and I work in the Beverly Hills Triangle and fly out of LAX every other week, while my Sig Other works at the Whole Foods Markets in Santa Monica). While I will miss the proximity to Sawtelle terribly, I assume that I will have vastly greater dining options (at least without a lengthy drive) if we select PV over PPH. Yes, from PPH it would not be hard to get to Nobu Malibu, but that's a special occasion thing, not a spur of the moment, I don't feel like cooking thing. There are maybe a couple places in the village of Pacific Palisades (a 10-minute drive), but not much that is inspiring, as far as I know (which isn't much). So many of my need-to-go-to restaurants are in Venice, I think it's a no-brainer. I just need the validation for deciding to turn down a rare chance to live by the mountains and the sea in the same house.

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  1. My vote is Playa Vista. Much closer to LAX and BH. You also have the Marina and Venice. Lots of food choices. And Culver City too.

    1. PV without any doubt for all the reasons you listed. The one negative you didn't note for Playa Vista is the airport noise. You aren't far away from an active runway on the N side of the LAX, but since you are flying out of there every other week that may be a wash.

      1. Playa Vista for the food, Pacific Palisades for everything else.

        1. A First World dilemma if I have ever seen one.

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            Absolutely! Just like most queries on Chowhound about where to eat.

          2. Definitely PV. The highlands get very, very hot and you're really in the middle of nowhere.

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              Playa Vista also has a farmers market 2x per week.