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Jun 17, 2013 11:19 AM

Breakfast near Aldgate tube station [London]

Unusually for me, I find I'm stopping Sunday night somewhere with no breakfast facilities. I need somewhere close to the tube station.

No fancy needs - juice, decent coffee, some carbs would do fine - the full fry-up would do even better. Any thoughts?

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  1. It doesn't sound like you want to travel too far, John, but I've been anxious to try Caravan near Kings Cross for a breakfast. The menu sounds interesting. I'm sure someone will come up with a good choice for you.

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    1. re: zuriga1

      I definitely cannot travel far, as we need to be round the corner early for the FreeRange exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery just off Brick Lane.

    2. It's a pity Hawksmoor Spitalfields isn't open for breakfast.
      I've had it at the Guildhall branh and it's very good but pricey.

      Canteen in Spitalfield market might be ok or there's the Breakfast Club. Not been but the reviews seem good.
      Both close to Aldgate tube and not far from the Truman brewery either.

      1. Willing to take a 10 minute cab to Smithfield mkt?

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        1. re: howler

          'Fraid not, h.

          I think one or other of Paprika's suggestions sound like my solution. Absolutely on the plot, which is what I need for Monday

          But thanks anyway, of course.


        2. Luxe at Spitalfields do a good breakfast. And the huevos rancheros at the Breakfast Club make a pretty good start to the day, both just minutes from Brick Lane.

          1. Arrosto at the very eastern end of Cannon Street serve the Arrosto Muffin which is a sausage, bacon, mushroom & cheese beauty. Half a mile west of the Tower, so maybe a bit too far for you John? Not for me though, it's precisely 7 floors below where I make my daily pittance!