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Jun 17, 2013 11:17 AM

Scotch along 95

Hi all. I'm driving from Miami to Vermont, mostly on 95. I love single malt scotch. Wondering about any suggestions of places along the way where I can get either something hard to find elsewhere or a great price on a more common bottle. Basically, sometimes people comment on how bad or good the prices/selection are/is where they live. So, any tips or recs if I have access to most of the east coast?

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  1. great for beer, not a scotch drinker but bourbon and not bad for that

    1. Stop off in Montgomery County, Maryland (it borders DC) for some great prices.

      1. I can promise you this, do NOT stop in Virginia. We have neither a great selection nor a great prices in our state run stores. I can second the nod for Montgomery County, MD for great prices. I usually do some shopping there myself when heading north.

        1. Joyal's Liquors, right off of 95 in West Warwick, Rhode Island, has what I consider to be an exceptional selection of single malts.

          I'm not sure how up to date this list is, but it can give you some idea of what they stock:

          They have a really good selection of bourbons, ryes, and rums, too, including some I've never seen anywhere else.

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            That's an impressive list, even though the store isn't exactly on the way from Miami to VT ;)

            1. re: EvergreenDan

              For the selection and price, it may be worth the going the long way. Not sure how the gas/booze savings breakdown shakes out.

              I'm tempted to pull off next week on my trip up to Cape Cod. That's easily better selection and pricing than I can find down there. Plus, there's a Dunkin' Donuts next door, so the kids won't complain about waiting while I shop.

              1. re: EvergreenDan

                Ah, just mapped it. I didn't think about how far east 95 goes once you get past NYC. Oh well -- the request was for places on 95, so at least I'm kinda-sorta on target :-)

            2. If you go through New Hampshire the state run liquor stores can have some amazing prices. You can get stuff at retail that is less than what liquor stores in other states pay wholesale.