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Best bang for your buck

My gf is gonna be taking me out for my birthday next week. We usually go to the keg for prime rib but I want to try a different place. Any good places where you can get great food for a decent price,? I'm not looking for a place like auberge, canoe or fine dining where we pay 50$ for a tiny meal...

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  1. If you're looking for meat and lots of it - try the Cote de Boeuf at Bestellen. For 2, with bone marrow and 2 sides = $100. Well worth it and you won't leave hungry.

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      i think ouzeri and some of the greek places have a 3 course dinner for $25. Zucca on Yonge near Eglington has a weekday 3 course that is $28 (?). Check their on-line menus.

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        I went to Ouzeri on a big coupon and I regretted the trip notwithstanding the coupon.

        Its been a while at Zucci. I had thought that the food was superb, by standards past Toronto's . but portions were too small. No way for satiation on a prix fixe. But check out recent posts and see if they offer guidance.

    2. If you are looking for meat and lots of it , why not go to one of my few favourites and just ask them to double the portion of steak?

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      1. Ruby Watch Co. Hands down. No way you can leave hungry or broke

        1. To add to my previous post, in a similar vein you could go to
          - Chantecler: $21 for the lettuce wrap meal
          - La Palette: can be expensive if you go heavy on the wine
          - Corner House on Davenport: mains run from $20-$30, apps are <$15
          - Khao San Road

          Barque also fits the bill with it's sharing platters

          1. Maybe a general geographic location or a preference for a certain cuisine could help refine your search. It sounds like you enjoy a good steak. Are you looking to stick to that or do you want something different?

            1. Pantheon on Danforth offers bang for the buck, and their mixed grill (lamb chops, chicken and sausage IIRC ) is generous, if you're looking for a lot of meat.

              The Wooden Plate (or equivalent combo platter for 2) at Europe on Bathurst or Cafe Polonez on Roncesvalles offers bang for the buck, and lots of meat.

              Haven't ordered it for ages, but the feast for 2 at Jerusalem on Eglinton West provides a lot of bang for the buck.

              Peking duck dinners also give a lot of bang for the buck. I haven't gone for Peking duck in ages, but maybe someone could recommend their favourite place for Peking duck.

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                best deal is DEFINITELY pantheon ... if you are in the mood for seafood teh seafood platter for 2 is amazing ... just make sure you share it amonst at least 4 people!

              2. Another vote for Ruby Watch Co here...