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Jun 17, 2013 11:06 AM

Best bang for your buck

My gf is gonna be taking me out for my birthday next week. We usually go to the keg for prime rib but I want to try a different place. Any good places where you can get great food for a decent price,? I'm not looking for a place like auberge, canoe or fine dining where we pay 50$ for a tiny meal...

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  1. If you're looking for meat and lots of it - try the Cote de Boeuf at Bestellen. For 2, with bone marrow and 2 sides = $100. Well worth it and you won't leave hungry.

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      i think ouzeri and some of the greek places have a 3 course dinner for $25. Zucca on Yonge near Eglington has a weekday 3 course that is $28 (?). Check their on-line menus.

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        I went to Ouzeri on a big coupon and I regretted the trip notwithstanding the coupon.

        Its been a while at Zucci. I had thought that the food was superb, by standards past Toronto's . but portions were too small. No way for satiation on a prix fixe. But check out recent posts and see if they offer guidance.

    2. If you are looking for meat and lots of it , why not go to one of my few favourites and just ask them to double the portion of steak?

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      1. Ruby Watch Co. Hands down. No way you can leave hungry or broke

        1. To add to my previous post, in a similar vein you could go to
          - Chantecler: $21 for the lettuce wrap meal
          - La Palette: can be expensive if you go heavy on the wine
          - Corner House on Davenport: mains run from $20-$30, apps are <$15
          - Khao San Road

          Barque also fits the bill with it's sharing platters

          1. Maybe a general geographic location or a preference for a certain cuisine could help refine your search. It sounds like you enjoy a good steak. Are you looking to stick to that or do you want something different?