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Jun 17, 2013 10:59 AM

Great Cheese Store KC?

Any recs for superior cheese stores/counters?

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  1. Dean and Deluca has a pretty nice selection.
    I've never been but I've heard good things about Better Cheddar in Brookside.

    1. Definitely the Better Cheddar ... Prairie Village Shopping Center or on the Country Club Plaza.

      1. I didn't pay that close attention to it when I walked through the store, but Cosentino's downtown has a fairly extensive cheese counter. Sorry I can't tell you how much depth or variety it offers, maybe someone else can.

        1. I don't know the downtown Cosentino's selection, but the Brookside store is doing good things with Midwest artisanal producers, Cowgirl & Rogue River among others from the West Coast.

          1. bettar cheddar will give you a sample of most everything before you prairie village, also the grocery store in prairie village has a nice selection