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Jun 17, 2013 10:48 AM


Any of you foodies out there know of any breakfast place in Austin that serves scrapple. I know it's pretty much a midwest thing but since so many people have moved here I'm hoping somebody might have brought it with them.

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  1. you can buy it at central market

    1. Enoteca used to make it for their Sunday brunch but I haven't been in months. Here's a thread below we did a good bit ago. I'm not sure how many of us easterners would agree it's a midwest thing, but it sure is a MD/DE/PA thing. I grew up on RAPA, and personally think it's the best blend and most well seasoned and peppery, but I see Habbersett brand gets some good lovin.

      1. Yeah I got that wrong. The midwest thing seems to be the goetta.

        1. I saw a breakfast trailer (sorry forgot the name) that advertises it on the side of the trailer. The trailer is located in the parking lot of the shell station in that awful intersection where Medical Parkway meets Marathon meets 40th street.

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            You know, there is little reason to think that scrapple and eggs on a home made corn tortilla would be anything but delicious. I will definitely check that out tomorrow. cheers!!!!!

            1. re: slowcoooked

              It was not a taco trailer, but a trailer that specialized in breakfast. They advertised eggs, scrapple, hash browns. sorry, can't remember anything else.

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                TroyTempest I didn't get there today, but this might be the most exciting cardiac nightmare I have been able to hit in a while.

                1. re: slowcoooked

                  Never having tried scrapple before, i anxiously await your review.
                  No pressure, though.

                  1. re: TroyTempest

                    Okay so this MD eastern shore explant went today to "Proper Breakfast" and got three scrambled eggs and three crisped up slices of their home made scrapple consisting of richardson's farm pork + cornmeal + spices. Eggs were fine, I only needed them because that's how I eat my scrapple - with bites of eggs. The scrapple was better than the version offered for a while at Enoteca Vespaio's Sunday brunch. The version here is well spiced but not as sage-laden and black peppery as my favorite RAPA brand. The grind was also coarser - more like a grainy sausage than a very fine mushy loaf that makes a great scrapple interior. Altogether though, this is good and the cornmeal lends a crisp exterior on proper griddle work. I will get this as often as I can. It's also lacking the slight liver component that RAPA fans love and their naysayers hate. I do not enjoy straight up liver but love that slight addition. The fellas Justin and Tim are hitting the mark on this offering - and it's way better than anything that can be had here in Austin, probably in Texas, without mail order. Good job fellas !! But why not try to make it even more traditional with the "scraps", you may save considerably on overhead. Do consider a touch more sage and pepper though :-). Also consider offering it on buttered toast with a couple fried eggs and a few slices. can be a heavenly sandwich !!!!

                    1. re: slowcoooked

                      I understand the liver component - kind of like getting fake boudin from Central Market - it isn't even in the ballpark (last time I had it).

                      This place is not too far away from me - thanks for the head's up. Too bad I didn't hear about this before, because I have a scrapple-loving brother-in-law from Philly that recently came for a visit....

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        Yeah, my grandmother's weekly RAPA fest in maryland as a kid was made of pork snouts, hearts, and liver (and I'm sure plenty else) + "secret" spices. Justin and Tim's version is very respectable, even if it doesn't quite take me all the way back it makes me pretty happy to have the option. I've eaten it three days in a row (skipping today for cardiovascular healing), guess that says enough.

                        1. re: slowcoooked

                          As my wife told me: "you can only absorb so much cholesterol at a time, so might as well go overboard when you do."

              2. re: slowcoooked

                If they make their own scrapple I'd be interested as well. After making my own Scrapple 4-5 times I'm kinda put off by the commercial Jones and Habbersets brand scrapples.

                But if they insist on putting anything sweet on it I'm outta there ASAP.


                1. re: sqwertz

                  okay so their website says open till three but it's actually 2 pm close. I got there yesterday at 2:30 and the dude was in the trailer but shutting down for the day. He uses richardson's farm pork, but it sounds more like sausage than scrapple. no scraps I reckon. I'll be trying again tomorrow. It's in the same lot as the beignet trailer but this one is blue, and yes, in the shell station. I've not tried Jones or Habbersets, but I love Rapa - it's just enough livery flavor not to off put a non-liver fan like myself.

            2. see below, now two days in a row, the scrapple is very good. pics.