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Jun 17, 2013 10:43 AM

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop Reno [Moved from Southwest Board]

My favorite subs in southwest Florida are at Capriotti's. I thought it was a local store until I passed one on Kietzke Ln. near Lowe's, did a search and discovered they are a national chain. Something that sets them apart from the usual sub shops is that they roast their own turkey breasts every morning and shred the meat for their sandwiches. This is light years better than the ubiquitous pressed meats you find in the other chains. I also really like their tuna subs. I haven't had any with meat but I have no doubt they are good. There's a 2nd location on Sierra St.

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  1. There is also one at McCarran and Greg in Sparks. they make very good sandwiches.

    1. In love with their cheesesteak w/ mushrooms. They're huge!