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Jun 17, 2013 09:27 AM

Looking for Kefir grains to make my own batch

Hello readers,
I live in the Somerville area and am used to the commercial Kefir you buy at the grocery store. Someone told me it pales in comparison to homemade kind. I'd like to give it a go but don't know where to start. Anyone willing to help me out? My understanding is you first have to procure Kefir grains.....

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    1. I make my own Kefir, but it's a very small batch.

      The person I got mine from owns a gym in Woburn, named Fuel. His name is Bill. He may be able to help you out.

      Give him a call some time, he is a nice guy.

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      1. re: mcel215

        Thank you for this information. Highly appreciated.

      2. Hah, this thread got me thinking. As we had a family friend that had a funky brainlike yogurt culture that you moved from batch to batch. I now now it must have been Kefir...

        Any luck hunting down Kefir grains in Boston?

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        1. re: StriperGuy

          Not within Boston specifically, but people have been generous enough to give sources to get it.

        2. Hello, I have had great luck with one single order of kefir grains from "" . She has a farm in OH and ships milk kefir grains for reasonable prices. You should only need to purchase one time... I have had my grains since March 2013 and they are AWESOME! Makes the best kefir ever. Each 10 days they double in size and you can split them and give away to your friends.

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          1. re: penmar0204

            I just ordered some from a highly rated ebay seller for $7 including shipping.

            1. re: penmar0204

              Did you get the live or dried grains penmar? I looked over her site seems popular and reliable enough.

              What do you do once you get the grains and do you need a special kind of milk? I am thinking of getting milk grains.

              1. re: Crosscheck85

                Hi i received the live grains! I paid $20 which is about 2-3 times the cost of what i saw on ebay after the other post ( wouldnt have thot of ebay but that looks like an interesting option too!) . I use 2% pasteurized organic milk, it didnt produce good kefir in skim milk. And they really work well in whole milk but i wanted to cut a bit of fat.

                1. re: penmar0204

                  i took your word and ordered from her. she said she was gonna send it today so will see how it goes. hopefully i can get down to business soon.

                  1. re: Crosscheck85

                    Well great, i hope you have the same positive experience with the kefirlady's kefir grains as i have! The packet of info she sends along with the grains tells you exactly what to do. Best wishes...

                    1. re: penmar0204

                      Yeah I just about made my first batch. There's about one hour or so left. Nothing happened at first so I started to wonder if they were dead or something, it's been really hot and humid the past couple of days. After about the 12 hour mark it really started to curdle though and it smells yeasty and not like spoiled milk so I think they are indeed live. I heard heat can kill the grains so I was initially worried when I got the package they were wet and runny because of the weather. I'm gonna strain it in a couple of hours and give it a taste.

                      1. re: Crosscheck85

                        It would take a lot more heat than that to kill the grains. You'd almost have to cook them. If anything they should make kefir faster when it's warm out.

                        1. re: AmyH

                          They survived and worked. Happy about that.

                          How do you guys go about the jar situation? I find they are very hard to clean once you've mad kefir. Someone told me dishwashing soaps and what not.

                          1. re: Crosscheck85

                            I store my kefir in a mason jar, covered by a paper towel, held on with an elastic.

                            When I drain the kefir in a plastic colander, I wash out the mason jar. I fill the jar with very hot water, let it soak for about 5 minutes. Add a drop of dishwashing liquid, then use a sponge to get the inside clean. I use a wooden spoon with the sponge kind of jammed into it to maneuver the sponge into the crevices to get any remaining film off. Then I rinse, rinse, rinse with really hot water to make sure all of the soap is out.

                            I turn it upside down to drain and put the kefir back in, add milk and cover again with paper towel.

                            It is a bit of a pain, but I have also heard that you don't need to clean it each time. But I find that kind of scary. :)


                            1. re: mcel215

                              i wash my kefir jars about every 4-6 weeks. think of it like sourdough starter. it's perfectly safe and sound. safer than if you are using chlorinated water on top of your grains.

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              1. Hi AmyH! I'm in Albany; can I get Kefir grains from you? My email is macaroni28 at gmail. Please let me know; I've got the milk and just need the grains now!

                1. re: macaroni28

                  Hi macaroni28, I'd be happy to share them with you but I actually have people waiting for the next two splits, so it might take a little while. Maybe a couple of weeks because I split them every 10-14 days or so. I'll send you an email.