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Jun 15, 2003 07:15 PM

pearland food

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I am impressed with your Houston recommendation and new to this board. Is there anything worth eating in all of Pearland (except Central TX BBQ).

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  1. Here are some recommended choices from the locals here.

    Joseph's Seafood Grill (new as of earlier this year)
    Gringo's Mexican (actually Tex-Mex)
    Mely's (also Tex-Mex)
    Baytown Seafood Restaurant (reasonably priced and new to Pearland)

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    1. re: Chris

      My Pearland source agrees with Joseph's, says it's the best "nice" restaurant in town, a little pricey. She agrees with Gringo's, says it's the best of many Mexican restaurants. Central Texas is said to be the best BBQ joint.

      Add to the list
      The Grill.

      Let us know.

      1. re: Tex Nosh

        Gringo's is good, very noisy, but good. Crowds are unbelievable at this place, no matter the time or day! The noise level gets to be much for me, so I'll go to Mely's. Their food is just as good really and much less noise. As for BBQ, Central's is only the best because they are the ONLY place in town. I have lived there all my life and to this day I still don't like their BBQ. I will drive to Houston to eat BBQ before I eat there and so do most of my family and friends. No personal insult Central, but you need to look at improving the taste and quality and service. Joseph's is closed, see my other note about them (what a shame!). Baytown is good, but get tired of only having FRIED seafood. If you like them, their fried soft shell crab is excellent and a good price considering the other seafood places. They always have a crowd, but never too noisy.

      2. re: Chris

        Joseph's is already closed! We don't understand, other than a little pricey. The food was always good and the service was as well. To make things worse they are opening yet ANOTHER MEXICAN FOOD restaurant in its place - just what Pearland needs! I think that makes 30 Mexican places and 30 hamburger places - ugh! I wish someone could do a nice seafood place like Joseph's and stay in business, we need it! I hear Red Lobster is coming to town, they will have to do for now. Baytown restaurant is also very good, but get tired of FRIED seafood...

      3. Try Santa Barbara's, wonderful italian and very authentic

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        1. re: deenauga

          Would definately second Santa Barbara's. Haven't been in a while but the food was good and it is BYOB.

          1. re: Bhutani

            It's Killen's. Don't let the outside fool you, becuase it looks like a cheap barbecue place. I think it rivals some of the most well-known steakhouses in town.

        2. Isn't there a steak house that's supposed to be very good? Can't remember the name...Killen's or something like that sounds right.

          1. I agree with above poster that Central bbq is nothing worth stopping for. MUCH better BBQ elsewhere. When I finally tried it, i was shocked that people actually consider it good. Or maybe it was an off day for them...

            Santa Barbara is great...well worth the trip, and you can bring in your own wine...or iuse to be able to.