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Jun 17, 2013 08:46 AM

Dinner in Williamsburgh

Hello, we'll be a couple of 30 years old going to NY for a 4 days week-end. I was thinking of doing a day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, walking around a little(lot of) shopping, McCarren park, etc. I’m looking for recommendations for dinner in the area (and maybe pre-dinner drinks and post dinner drinks, but let’s start with dinner). I understand there’s lots of choices. Quality of food is most important (and we are wine drinkers, so that as well), we can afford mid-priced meals, can splurge if it’s worth it, something fun and lively, not too ‘’divey’’ or casual. Food wise, pretty opened, and since it will be July, outdoor seating would be a plus. I understand it’s not much to go on.

And as I said, options for pre and post dinner drinks are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. re: sweettoothMTL

      What kind of food do you want to eat? There's a lot going on in W'burg these days. You want entrees or small plates or farm to table or ethnic twist, etc....Bistro Petit is a little French inspired BYOB place run by an ethnic Korean chap who puts some of his heritage into the cooking. It's very good and under the radar and you can drink what you like from one of the local bottle shops. Gets a little hot in there in the summer...

      For drinks, I like Maison Premiere. It's primarily a cocktail bar but they have a modest wine selection. They have recently reigned in the crowds a little by limiting the number of people they admit. So there may be a wait if you don't hit an optimal time. The back patio is nice there...Hmmm, I like the roof at Berry Park, but that is a beer garden.. with a perhaps less than modest wine selection...Dram is a nice open neighborhood place with a curated wine menu, though it can get loud and hectic there...The Ides Bar roof deck in Wythe Hotel might be good for out of towners, though getting in can be a p.i.a.

      1. re: Silverjay

        I would add Rye and Hotel Delmano to the list for drinks (and in the case of Rye, drinks and dinner; Delmano just has a raw bar/charcuterie)...maybe Post Office and it's newer offshoot OTB, as well. DOC is a great wine bar that also serves food, and 1 or 8 would be my recommendation if you want a more splurge-y Japanese meal. If you're up for venturing to Greenpoint (the other side of McCarren Park), Nights and Weekends is fun for drinks on a warm day/evening. If you want to go further into Greenpoint, there are some good newcomers: Broken Land, the Bounty... And speaking of McCarren Park, it's pretty uninspiring as far as tourist destinations go (although you can experience the Williamsburg summer pastime of getting a giant frozen margarita to go from the Turkey's Nest and sitting on a patch of brown grass to drink it). The open space along the East River along Kent Avenue might be a better bet.

        1. re: gort

          A Nestarita and a stroll through the park. Now that's living....I actually think Rye and DOC aren't so great summer places just 'cause they are kind of dark inside...Counting Room is a wine bar with a nice open corner location that is good in summer for people watching and chilling out.

      2. re: sweettoothMTL

        yeah i saw your post yesterday and wasn't sure what to might be worth sifting through other Williamsburg threads and posting your top contenders

      3. traif and xixa are both great, (traif has a small backyard and xixa has big front open windows that make you feel like you're outside).

        maison premiere is the best for cocktails and oysters, and has a beautiful backyard. OTB isn't that r

        st. anselm is also a wonderful steak/anything grilled place, but no outdoor seating.

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        1. re: mellinlikethefruit

          I've only been to traif once but i thought the food was over-rated. I'm not sure St. Anselm is worth the wait.

          I had a good meal recently at St. Austere - simple tasty tapas dishes.

        2. Reynards at Wythe hotel. Excellent food and wine - no outdoor seating but the light in the room is amazing.

          1. I agree with the suggestions here, especially Maison Premiere for drinks, although it can get really busy. Post Office and Dram are also good. I recommend Donna, as well.

            For something more romantic, you might consider Akariba, a Japanese oyster and sake bar, or Desnuda (Peruvian) for cocktails too.

            Eating-wise with outdoor seating, you might also consider Aurora for Italian or Tabare for Uruguayan. Both have good food and outdoor gardens. The only thing I would warn re Tabare is they can be a little inconsistent.

            If you are willing to forego the outdoor seating, I second the Bistro Petit suggestion.

            I actually just wrote a 36 Hours in Williamsburg post on my blog, similar to what the New York Times does. Friends kept asking me what to do and where to go. :) You are welcome to take a look--it has restaurants, bars, shopping recommendations.