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Jun 17, 2013 08:27 AM

Very disappointed to find out Bistro 55 in Rochelle Park is closing

I really enjoyed this place. Please don't turn into another new age burger joint (we have like 10 in the area now) or worse, a bank. Bistro was a great place to go when were indecisive on what cuisine we were feeling. Always good food and a nice beer selection. Im bummed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, but sorry you're disappointed.

    1. Agreed--on all counts

      1. Is that the former site of South City grill?

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        1. Certainly had it's day, back in the days of South City Grill. I enjoyed SCG and have been to all of their locations. I've been to Bistro 55 many times and of course it wasn't as popular as SCG, but they seemed to do "okay" for the most part. It never seemed to be "crowded" but they often had a nice happy hour/bar crowd, and a good dinner crowd.

          So what locations do they have left?

          1. I recall when the Bistro 55 was first announced as being sold to the new, or current owners....they intended to revamp the entire restaurant within a year. They had an agreement with one of the notable chefs in the area, who also is a member of this site, to consult on the transformation. After a short stint, she dropped out and Bistro 55 languished until this recent development.

            Maybe the new owner if finally going through with his plans to open a new restaurant.....or he got smart and sold the property to others..