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Jun 17, 2013 07:21 AM

Girl and Goat restaurant

My wife is a "foodie" , whatever that means. Visiting Chicago, and heard the trends on Girl/Goat.
I am along for the ride.
The setting is very noisy. Architecture alluring. Seating is so close together, that a table must be pulled completely out of line to allow rear patron to enter/exit ! Forget any intimate conversation. Might as well have made a reservation for a table of 20....that's essentially what the feel is.
Food is OK, not great. small plates to share( the new cool thing everywhere, I guess). Very greasy mouth feel on most items. Did not finish any items because grease/oil became overbearing after few bites.
Wine list is adequate.
Food pricing is reasonable.
Would never return.

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  1. Sorry you didn't like it. I had to re-read your post twice to be sure if you were talking about The Girl and the Goat. It didn't sound like we had been to the same restaurant.

    But, as my mother used to say, "that's why there is chocolate and vanilla."

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    1. re: chicgail

      We eat at wonderful restaurants globally. Not impressed with what is currently the fad place. Most folks don't want to post against the grain. Afraid to be different
      This restaurant is hype , with little substance.

      1. re: GrumpyHusband

        No matter how much hype a restaurant receives in the media, each of us is free to form our own opinions about it. And while your opinion may differ from mine or anyone else's, you're welcome to it, and posting your reaction here adds to the cumulative wealth of opinions that helps all of us decide on where to dine. So your opinions as expressed here are appreciated, no matter what they happen to be.

        However, I don't agree with you that "most folks don't want to post against the grain" or are "afraid to be different". My assumption is that those who post here on Chowhound are expressing their opinions regardless of whether or not they agree with others. Speaking only for myself, I've greatly enjoyed some places that receive widespread praise (e.g. Grace, Found, Purple Pig), and have been disappointed by other widely-lauded places (Girl and the Goat, the Publican). Others have opinions about these and other places, some of which differ from mine, and that's fine too.

        Furthermore, it appears that you decide on each place for yourself, too - for while you claim here that you are "not impressed with what is currently the fad place" (referring to Girl and the Goat), you contradicted that statement by praising the Purple Pig, another place that receives a lot of media attention. Similarly, you deride small plates at Girl and the Goat, yet you love the same concept at the Purple Pig. That's why we have to try places out - sometimes our reactions and opinions even surprise ourselves! :)

        1. re: GrumpyHusband

          Um, I can't tell if you created an account just to complain, and if so, why, because even you admit the food was "ok", "architecture alluring," "wine list is adequate" and "food pricing is reasonable." Hell, those four characteristics would make a decent neighborhood spot.

          Maybe I'm reading too much into your online moniker, but you seem dismissive of your wife's "foodie" interest. I also don't think it helps the discourse here to make dismissive generalizations about large swaths of the population. Instead of accepting that maybe you just have particular preferences that differ from the majority of patrons who fill the restaurant every night, you sound like a "grumpy" old man who is complaining about "kids these days."

          The truth is, Girl and the Goat has been open for 3 years so I would argue it is no longer "currently the fad place." There are several newer restaurants in Chicago with lines out the door. Furthermore, it is still packed every night, at least 3 months in advance.

          Of course popularity is no guarantee that everyone will like it and I've posted plenty of times here and elsewhere where my opinion has gone against the grain. But at this point, a LOT of people clearly like the Girl and the Goat and keep going back—myself among them, though I don't think it's the best place in Chicago or anything—so you're attempt to rationalize all of our patronage with "hype" is kind of insulting.

          If you don't like places that are packed, loud and don't go easy on the fats, that's fine. But clearly there are many, many people who don't mind or even enjoy it. I also can't understand why you liked the Purple Pig more as it really has all the same characteristics in an even smaller space.

          And yes, I've eaten all over the world ranging from places "foodies" have never heard of to to very famous restaurants with year long waiting lists.