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Jun 17, 2013 07:17 AM

Cheap Eats in Cairns

I'm headed up to Cairns for the weekend with some friends and was wondering if anyone knows of any good restaurants for some travelers on a budget. Ideally it would be something in the $20-30 range for mains - or less if possible. Pub grub is OK by us for this trip, so ideas for anything worth checking out would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A lot of Cairns places make their money after the boats come back, and so there are very good deals to be had for early bird eating.

    1. The Lillipad Cafe has great breakfast. The huevos rancheros are even better than back at home (in TX). They have great juices too (get the one with mint). It is located on one of the main streets and you can sit outside and people watch.

      Tandoori Oven is the best or 2nd best Indian I have had in all of Australia. Great service, great naan, great chicken tikka masala. Everything has been great, and you see locals there so you know it's good.

      There is a delicious Macaron shop on Grafton called Macaron. The Macarons are always good, I haven't had the breakfast yet.

      Lastly, the pie shop Meldrum's is yummy BUUUTTT you gotta get there early if you want pies and mashed potatoes on your pie. They still haven't quite figured out supply and demand.

      hope this helps!

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          so far, for me, it has been Nilgiri's in Sydney (St. Leonards)