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Jun 17, 2013 03:19 AM

Great sandwiches in Shinjuku, Harajuku or Asakusa?

We're going to visit Tokyo in mid-July, and the plan is to buy some sandwiches at Shinjuku station (or Asakusa station) and then walk over to the park across the way from the Sumida Ward Office and have an evening picnic while the Skytree lights up. (We were told a great viewing spot was the bridge on Mitsume-dori, here:


A chowhound recommended patissiers "in the basement of Odakyu Department Store" in Shinjuku Station, but I was hoping for a more precise recommendation (-:.

We'll also be spending some time in Harajuku during the day, so a good sandwich shop would be fabulous.

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  1. Hohokan Cafe in Harajuku makes some nice sandwiches, although I'm not sure if they do take-out:

    It's not cheap (or particularly convenient), but Park Hyatt Deli might be the best place in town to put together a gourmet dinnertime picnic:

    More convenient to Shinjuku station, Arms Picnic also offers sandwiches, although they're better known for their burgers:

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      Thank you, lost squirrel, and thank you Robb S. That Tokyo Food Blog is quite a nice resource! (-: For a minute, I thought you'd been up in my neck of the woods when I saw the Kushiro review -- but then I realized it's a Kushiro in Marunouchi, not in Hokkaido. Bookmarked!

    2. My favorite sandwiches, although not in your areas of choice, are from Viron. Next is probably Paul (french-ish bakery).

      There is a Paul in the basement of Shinjuku station, but I'm sorry I can't remember which exit.