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Coming soon to Old Bridge...

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1. Saw this in "Shop-a-Holic".. place called "TrIIIo".. yes, that's T-R- Roman Numeral III and then an o. Location not stated, I suspect it's the same group that's brought us Paco's Tacos and Cafe Spezia, since they didn't announce Paco's Taco's location for months as well. (And this same group owns the Shop-A-Holic publication). So, three cuisines.. Portuguese, Italian (of course), and Mexican.

2. This next one's a little harder to explain. Just as you exit onto Rt. 9 South from Rt. 18 South, there is a yard on your right. Formerly there was a dilapidated yellow truck there, and there was a hot dog business there for a while. A few weeks ago, the yellow truck disappeared. Now there is a sign there that reads, "Coming Soon! Lala's Puerto Rican Kitchen! Here!" So.. what.. another truck to replace the first one? Anyway, local Puerto Rican food is quite interesting to look forward to!

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  1. Well now there is some light shed on the Puerto Rican food truck.



    Any update on the other restaurant? Sounds like some exciting things coming to the area.

    1. Hi Marlboro Man! The place Trillo is on Rt. 9 South, where Chef Claudette (Via 45 Red Bank) use to own the restaurant. I believe it was called Tavolo.

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        I think I saw an ad for the place in the Star Ledger weekend section on Friday. What caught my eye was the Portuguese, Italian and Mexico combination.

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          We went to Paco's a week or two ago, and I think the food quality was better than a year or two ago. We had a nice enjoyable meal, and of course the rice pudding chimichanga burrito for dessert was great .

          Of course it's white guy's making Tex-mex, so it might not appeal to a lot of the Chowhounds on here. But I'm not afraid to say I like it.

          I'm looking forward to trying the Portuguese, Italian, and Mexican Combo.

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            We went a few weeks ago, and it just wasn't very good. I had high hopes. They made it a pretty fancy place, so we felt under dressed. I had a polo shirt and shorts. With our screw top bottle of $15 sangria :-P. The hostess seemed a bit perturbed that we did not have a reservation, but did find us a table. They had a guy singing Frank Sinatra, so the atmosphere is nice. The service was very good. The food however was another story. The queso dip was burned, my Portuguese chicken was served in a garlic rue sauce which I probably could have made better at home, and the rice served with it tasted like plastic. (not sure if that was "creative" seasoning, or some horrible kitchen mishap went on). The server was quick to replace the dish however, and I went with a safer bet of chicken Parm. The chicken parm was ok, but was just about as good as you could get at almost any mediocre pizza place. My wife had the gnochi with meat sauce which was Ok. but this would be equivalent to a pretty good pizzeria type quality. At least the pasta was cooked Al dente. The Desserts were fresh out of the freezer at restaurant depot.

            I've been around awhile, and if you look on my history, I really don't like to give bad reviews, and this is probably only the 2nd or third time I've ever thought about sending something back. but this one just earned it. The Italian food seems to be Ok, if you like mediocre Pizza place type stuff, but not for the prices they are charging.

            On a side note, last night, we were meeting someone at Freehold mall, and not really having a plan for dinner, we picked up a $12 bottle of sweet red from Marlboro liquors, and stopped at Paco's Tacos. The Tex-Mex there is still pretty solid in our opinion.

            They did have a special's menu with Portuguese Food which I promptly dismissed given our last run in with it.