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Jun 16, 2013 08:06 PM

Black Tree (LES) makes a great lamb sandwich

If you like lamb, you owe yourself a visit to Black Tree.

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  1. Is this a sit-down place or mostly a counter sandwich store? The menu indicates beer and cocktails, but maybe that's for the Brooklyn spot?

    (Looking for a good replacement place in that neighborhood now that Bruschetteria is closed)

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    1. re: Elisa515

      Sit-down, very casual neighborhood feel to the place.

      Beer (bottles, no tap) and cocktails.

      Makes me wish I stayed in that area when I'm in Manhattan.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        It's easy enough to get there--just take the M15 bus if you don't want to deal with the subways.

        Lots of great live music in the area, and lots of restaurants at different price points.

        Thanks for mentioning this place. I am willing to eat and drink everything on the menu. :)

        1. re: Elisa515

          Let me know how you like it.

          It's not so much getting there as its just not convenient. Whenever I'm in town I usually stay in midtown west and really only have a completely free meal at dinner. And if its a weekday dinner I really don't feel like straying far from my hotel.

          Yeah, I know that's a "me" problem ...

        2. re: ipsedixit

          They do have draft beer now. Selection of 5 or 6 of them, all good ones. Also tap wines plus bottled wine by the glass.

      2. They will be closed for lunch until Tuesday due to a bike accident. Night service will continue as per usual.

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        1. re: wewwew

          Or maybe they will serve lunch today. Lamb and the ss crab were not available. Rabe sandwich really nice. I got it for a coworker but ate it myself.

        2. Thanks so much for recommending this place! I went there tonight with my son and his girlfriend (both in their late 20's) before we went to music on Ludlow.

          Great food, perfect vibe, good beer. In fact, until 8 p.m. each day, draft beer is $4 and tap wine is $6--not that it's much more expensive later.

          This is our new go-to place in that neighborhood, now that Bruschetteria is closed.

          Oh, and I did have the lamb sandwich--yum! Wanted to try the lamb tongue taco, but didn't have room. We had beers, side salads, bowl of pickles, roasted beets, three sandwiches (son had a summer mushroom sandwich and his gf had the grilled 3 cheese with pickles), tipped well, and it was just over $60 for the three of us.

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          1. re: Elisa515

            I'll try the lamb tongue for you next week and report back!

          2. Huh! l got takeout from here last week with my son, and came away very unimpressed: the duck and ham app had ok duck, but very little if anything that tasted like ham; the lamb tongue taco was awash in an overpoweringly vinegary relish, completely masking any lamb flavor; the cuban sandwich was bland [a much better one can be had for half the price at Castillo de Jagua on Rivington]; and the pork sandwich was woefully underseasoned and bland as well.

            My son, who ordered and picked up the meal at the place, said it took forever because the kitchen is so tiny [one toaster oven to heat a max of two sandwiches at a time], and whoever was doing the cooking didn't seem too sure of himself.

            Maybe the lamb sandwich is the way to go?

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            1. re: howdini

              I've only had the lamb sandwich, so sorry couldn't tell you about anything else.