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Jun 16, 2013 07:34 PM

AZARIAS - Great New Restaurant in Etobicoke - June 2013

Hi there!

This is my first post on Chowhound!

It's Father's Day and my husband and I were walking along the Kingsway, on Bloor, near Royal York, when we saw Azarias Restaurant (3058 Bloor St. W., (647) 352-8448). They've taken the place of 1800 Degrees and are open from 4:00 - 11:00 pm. We thought we'd try something new.

We received a warm greeting from the owner. He explained the concept of the restaurant, made up of sharing plates. Most of the prices range from about $7.00 - $15.00, with some a little less (frites for $4 and snow crab for $40).

We looked all around us at the beautiful space. Very classy and warm with black and white family photos throughout the restaurant. We sat in a comfy booth.

The menu was very exciting. First we ordered frites, bacon wrapped scallops, and a beet salad with goat cheese. Every dish was a hit! I couldn't believe my husband ate the beets! He kept on staring at the menu - I think he wanted to try every dish! In the second round, we ate lamb sliders with blue cheese and tomato jam and miso blackened cod that was like butter. Finally we ate a delicious lemon blueberry tart.

My husband and I were planning our next visit while we devoured our meal. Next time, I think we'll try the beef tenderloin, the cheese fondue, sweet potato samosas, and the chocolate lava cake.

We ate around 4:30 pm and the service was very fast. Our servers were all very friendly. The restaurant has been open a month and the service is very polished. Our bill came to about $62, including tax for 6 plates with dessert and 2 Cokes. Totally worth it! Every dish was memorable!

As we left the restaurant, we saw a family hesitate at the door and I told them, "You should go in. The food was really good!" and they did go in. I hope lots of people discover this gem of a restaurant!

You should eat here!

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  1. You hit all the bases.
    You write better than most.
    I hope they succeed.

    1. Went to this place last night. I had been avoiding it assuming it was just another over-priced bloor west mediocrity. I was wrong. Our food was very good and good value. The menu is kind of all over the place - no discernible theme - but everything that came to our table was tasty. We will be back.

      1. Azarias has great decor and super friendly service.
        The oysters are great value at $2 each. 4 varieties shucked to order, all from PEI this week.
        Tapas are average. Some misses. Ranks about the same quality and cooking technique as Ember Hot Stove and Social House on Lake Shore.
        This is not a must-try. Several flat screen tvs are mounted overhead, 4 of which were playing sports. Like Ember, combining a contemporary tapas restaurant with sports bar just doesn't work. Not sure why they want to be everything to everyone.
        Some tapas are $8, some are $14-18, and cocktails start at $10. Not-great wines by the glass.

        1. Azerias is awesome. Great vibe and they are actually open past 9:00 with music and a bar (unlike the rest of the sleepy restaurants in the Kingsway). Hopefully it's the start of a restaurant Rennaisance in the Kingsway...I have always found the food enjoyable and the tapas menu makes for a social dining experience.

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            Which dishes should I order if I go again (unlikely)?