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Jun 16, 2013 07:22 PM

Your recipes that would go into a family cookbook.

My sister mentioned to me today that she will be working on a family cookbook. Not to be published, but as a hand me down to the next generation. I have some thinking to do about this. What do you cook or bake that you would pass on to the next generation ?

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  1. when my my Mermer died my aunt, who is an amazing graphic artist, made a small scrap book 5x7 ish on page was a picture of the family enaged in somesort of eating or part or cooking activity....sometimes it went with the recipe sometimes it didnt.. on the next page was one of the recipes they had all grown up eating. None of them are fancy schmancy. She named them all too. Swim Team Night Taco Salad ( I guess every time they had swim practice she made taco salad because it headed up good) Wedding DIp ( the dip she made for all three kids weddings to have in the fridge for when out of town guest stopped by the house) the picture page had her with each of the kids on their wedding day...

    Annnnyway I know that is not what you are really looking for ..but I think any recipe that brings family memories is important... I hope one day to my kids to make the matzo brie that my mom taught me that her grandma taught her. And the Chicken Soup my Granfather taught me and the ceaser salad my stepdad(dad) taught me-

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      Thinking about it I will write out my bean recipe,learned from my father. A little bit of dis and a little bit of dat. My sisters husband makes the best clam chowder. That will be in our book.Family memories are important as said by girloftheworld.

    2. Definitely capture the stories behind the recipes. Pictures are priceless--and I don't mean of the food. The memories and traditions behind the food will make your family cookbook your own.

      Some of my favorite recipes are "collaborations" with my grandmother. I lost her unexpectedly when I was 15, so I never did really get to spend time in the kitchen with her as I'd have liked. But I like to think, somewhere from the great beyond, Nanny gets a kick out of the fact her recipes live on through me. Might I tell you, she made killer oatmeal cookies with M&Ms in them, too!

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        Agree with the stories behind the recipes. If told by your grandparent/parent AND you while making the recipe together, even better.

      2. I agree. Tell the story behind the recipe, where it came from, when it was made, who loved it.

        If you have photos of family members eating together, include them.

        If I had to add a recipe to a family cookbook, it would be my gingerbread recipe which has been claimed by an adult child and made every holiday season by that child. I made it for years.

        And I guess I'd try to write down how I make turkey stuffing.

        Good luck on your family cookbook.

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          I'll bet any money someone in your family wants you to write down how you make turkey stuffing. Why not do it sooner than later? :) They will surely thank you.

          I now have both photos and video of my mom making apple pie. To be honest, she does it so great, I'm not sure I'll ever want to make it without her. But I now have the instructions step-by-step, accompanied by our usual banter back and forth.

          Consider making little informal videos of anything that benefits from a demo--like rolling out dough and making a pie crust, e.g. Here is my mom giving me a hard time, just like in real life, HA HA:

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            that is fabulous Kattyeyes... you are so smart to do this... we live in such a great age of being able to create legacys for the future.. and what are people doing with the tools? " here hold my beer while I ride this goat into the pond" or " watch my drink Vodka with my eyeball" I am soooo glad you are doing something like this.

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              That is a fantastic idea! And I love the exchange with your mom, " well, I gave you two" ha!

            2. We are going to have pictures and stories. This is going to be a fun project.

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              1. My own claims to family "fame" : Sugar cookies, chili soup, whole wheat beer bread.

                Including photos and sounds if possible is a great way to pass along information. Describe smells if appropriate (we always include notes about the need for open windows with the family pickle-relish recipe).

                If a family favorite dish was always served on a certain platter or cooked in a specific pan /dish, consider including photos or notes about that. My sister inherited "the big yellow bowl for Grandma's Tater Tot casserole", and continued that tradition. I was given "the six-sided glass pie plate" for holiday pies.

                If you have recipes that were handwritten, or in my case typed by my radio/newspaper-journalist Dad on his manual typewriter, include images of the original card / paper. Your siblings will recognize your handwriting. We all still recognize the distinctive mis-aligned "e" & "r" from Dad's typewriting style and recall those familiar sounds from my childhood.

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