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Jun 16, 2013 06:56 PM

Suggestions for recipes using flat beer?

A neighbor very graciously gave me about 3/4 gallon IPA from a keg they had last weekend-great local beer-and I put it in glass jars and promptly forgot about it. Hate to just throw it out or use it for slug bait...any recipe ideas?

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  1. Mussels? Like white wine, but with beer.

    1. Make bratwurst links, or ... add beer to ground beef before grilling.

      1. Beer is great as the liquid for braising a pot roast in. Chicken with beer and prunes is a Belgian dish that is very tasty and unusual.

        1. Use it as the liquid for a batch of pancake batter. With the bitterness of an IPA, it will contrast nicely with butter and syrup.

          1. Cook shrimp in it with some Old Bay seasoning.
            Use a cup in a batch of chili.
            Cook steamers in it.