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Jun 16, 2013 06:03 PM

rehearsal dinner - St. Charles, MO

Looking for ideas for a rehearsal dinner for about 50 in the city of St. Charles (not wanting to go far out into the county down highway 94 or 70). Not sure of a price per plate (we're the parents of the bride) but definitely the more inexpensive would be preferred. Wine and beer needs to be an option but not an open bar. I should have more ideas since this is our stomping grounds but just can't think of ideas.



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  1. You might look at Hendrik's. They have a patio/deck as well as a dining room.

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    1. re: wekick

      Good suggestion! That's what my brain is missing - thinking of places that we really like that also could serve a large group. I know the bride and groom like it there too; he's a huge fan of all of their "moonshine" options and she loves the selection of microbrews - and the food is pretty good too :)

      1. re: kroppinkris

        I think that would be a really fun place for a rehearsal dinner! What about McGurks? Too informal?

        1. re: shannonstl

          McGurks is great too but out 70 and the OP didn't want to go out there. If you want drive 20 minutes, there might be more options.

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            We already have south St. Louisans crossing the Missouri ocean to come to a wedding in the back woods of St. Charles - anything further than the church at 70 and Zumbehl is really pushing it. But thanks for the reminder about McGurks; we tend to forget about it for our own dining out.

    2. Hendricks is indeed good and a huge space. I've not yet been to Prasino or the Brazilian place in the Streets of St. Charles development (the old Noah's Ark site), but that might be worth checking out. Old school but pretty good food is Pio's across from the hospital in downtown St. Chuck. Sadly that area is still mostly full of chains...

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        We've been to Prasino once and while our food was really good it was pricey. They do have a room but not sure if it would accommodate 50. It has been a long time since I have been to Pios.

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          Pios is not haute cuisine but might work. Another place that comes to mind is Beefeaters near 370. What about that banquet center near the casino? Never been there, not sure if it is still open.

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            Pios is on the radar; my own rehearsal dinner was held there 25 years ago! I know it's not haute cuisine, but admit to loving their pizza; could we serve that at a rehearsal dinner?????? I'd be happy.

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              Frankie Toccos can do 50, Pio's can do even more and I am sure Tony's on Main can do 50 easy...Pete

          2. re: ddfry3

            Noah's - wish I'd saved those giraffe swizzle sticks from my childhood (yeah I know you can get them on-line)

          3. Check the Foundry Art Centre on N Main. A nice venue however you will need a caterer.

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              We had a wedding reception there and love it but the small room is $500 if you can get by with it otherwise $2800-3500 to rent the main space. If you don't use their caterer, there is a 25% up charge + 15% commission from the caterer. I think you have to rent tables and chairs on top of that.