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Jun 16, 2013 05:28 PM

Mason's Cellar, new wine and liquor store in Rutherford

This new store at 23 Park Ave in Rutherford is very nice indeed - great selection and very friendly, helpful people. It's a great addition to the downtown hood. (Amuses me no end that Rutherford s a "dry" town but has more liquor outlets per capita than any other place we've ever lived!)

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  1. I do wish them well..very nice store. From what I observed they have kids working the store without any knowledge of wine. Selection of inexpensive wines for the most part. Not for serious wine aficionados.

    1. I walked the store last week. Looks nice; however, their wines are way overpriced. Average of $10 or more than competing stores. You're better off at BJ's and save money.

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        I've bought plenty of wine in Rutherford and there are no bargains here, but $10 more than the competition? Name a wine and let me check.