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Jun 16, 2013 05:00 PM

Great Coffee in Reno?

Those who know Blue Bottle coffee in San Francisco probably would say there's no better. Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee opened in Reno sometime in the last year(I believe) and I think they are as good or better. The founder had been in the business for years before opening his own place. Tim Curry sources the best beans available worldwide and roasts them in-house. There are a few places in town to buy them but I couldn't tell you where. It's not readily available on the website but I'm sure you could call them and get more information. They have free shipping to the lake so I ordered a sampler pack of 4 coffees. I've only tried the Tanzanian Peaberry and it's awesome. My next door neighbor was a Blue Bottle junkie until he tried Wood-Fire Coffees.

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  1. Magpie Coffee Roasters is also very good

    They provided the coffee at a popup brunch recently at The Chapel Tavern. Campo did the food. Probably the best coffee I've ever had. They're looking for space to open a retail shop.