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Jun 16, 2013 02:57 PM

Los Altos Bar and Grill

I don't see anything written about this place on Chowhound. I gather that it's like Gulfstream and Houston's. Is it "nice" enough for a birthday dinner? Any standouts on the menu? Not worth the $$$? Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Never been, but I see the East Hampton Grill (same owning group) has a $22 cheeseburger. Wow. In Los Altos it's only $16.

    If I was presented with that menu, I'd be getting the special off the rotisserie. I don't see anything else worth ordering - my second choice is a double order of deviled eggs.

    Whether its nice enough for a birthday is _highly_ subjective. I would certainly blanch if taken their for a birthday, but my family and friends know I'd rather tuck into some blood and pizzle soup than bland corporate soylent food.

    You might consider a short traipse up the 280 to Madera at the Rosewood or Station 1 or Village Pub as alternatives.

    In that little Los Altos area, take me to Sumika. Akane has often gotten Sushi raves but I haven't been.

    Of course, if you're talking about right now - tonight - right in the middle of Stanford graduation - you're better off going south toward Dio Deka, away from Stanford.

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      Akane makes good sushi. Great sushi considering the other options.

      Second Station 1 or Village Pub.

      I'm not into the Madera at the Roswesood - have found the food mediocre (but haven't been for a full dinner). The atmosphere/view however is very well done.

    2. Nothing in the last year, but Los Altos Grill has often been recommended though can't say whether it fits your idea of birthday dinner. More info here,

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Thanks to both of you, the senseis of the SF boards :) I love reading your posts and value your insights. I guess no news is better than scathing reviews. I was thinking it might be like a poor(er) man's version of Scratch. If we end up going, I'll report back.

      2. It's the same restaurant group as Hillstone in SF, and very similar menu. I've only had a few of their salads, and house-cured salmon. The LA restaurant centers around the wrap-around bar. It's a lively scene.

        1. It doesn't read special occasion to me. It reads more like some combo of happy hour to family special night out. The lighting is somewhat bright and the atmosphere is somewhat loud and casual.

          Wine list is decent. Food is fine.

          1. I liked it better when the restaurant group used the 'Bandera' concept for this location...

            It's lost a lot of charm, since those days...

            Corn bread recipe changed... And they got rid of the 'Cluck 'n' Moo' special...

            And prices are crazy...