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Jun 16, 2013 02:53 PM

injera in the triad?

my attempts at making injera at home have failed, but I don't want to give up the rest of my meal plans. does any where sell it premade in Greensboro or nearby? even frozen? whole foods? earth fare? deep roots? what about the African store on spring garden? It's not Ethiopian, but...?

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  1. You might try that big international store out on Market St. I don't know if they have injera, but the store is huge!

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      super g does not, unfortunately. they don't even sell the flour to make it. the only place I've found Teff flour is deep roots, and I believe whole foods sells it, but no pre made bread anywhere.

      but! my pancake making beau saved the day, fixing my failure, and the meal turned out amazing (though we have to remember to eat earlier next time... my tummy won't let me sleep... way too much protein I guess...)

    2. Also, what time is supper? :D

      1. Al Iman market on 4518 West Market Street has some but on certain days so check first :)

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          whaaa!? I have to check this out.
          I ended up making it when I posted the original. I found Teff at deep roots, and it came out pretty good, but I'd rather buy it still.

        2. Little India's in Durham on University Ave has injera on Fridays and Saturdays. Best to call in advance to confirm.

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          1. re: Akual

            Durham is an hour's drive from Greensboro.

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              Ya...a little far. Assuming you have a car, though, it might be worth the trip. They sell 10 injera/bag for $7. You can always buy several bags and freeze them so that you don't have to make the trip often. My friend does that all the time. No, it's not like fresh but it's better than nothing.