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Jun 16, 2013 10:30 AM

Sesuit Cafe Lobster Roll Update - Dennis MA/Cape Cod

First visit of the season. We usually visit a few times each year. The views are quite amazing. It's a casual eat in the rough spot. BYOB. Today, it was packed solid. I ordered a lobster roll and cole slaw. My daughter had a lobster Caesar salad. The portions are half they were last year as far as the lobster. The price was 37.00 for two. My cole slaw serving was almost bigger than the lobster. Bummer!! This used to be my go to spot for lobster rolls. No more. Will opt for something else next time.

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  1. That's disappointing. Hopefully it's not a regular occurrence. To be honest, I've found that portions there can change a bit visit to visit. I've notice it in the size of the clam rolls on more than one occasion. I always liked their lobster roll as a healthier alternative so this is bad news indeed.

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Last year, I too noticed variation in portion size but even the smaller days, it was substantial. I left hungry.

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        Oooooohhh. That's not good. Especially at $37 for two.

        I've always been afraid they would develop the Mattakeese' effect, 'We sit on the water, so we don't have to try that hard." I certainly hope that's not the situation here.

    2. Went there Friday afternoon for our first ever visit. Very nearly turned around because we just could not find the place, but did find the place.

      Each of us had the lobster roll, and we were pleased with the result, but not enough to consider returning. Didn't help that it was wicked windy out and as a rule won't eat in the car.

      We also got a bowl of clam chowder, since it was a bit chilly, and for $6 got *maybe* four ounces of decent chowder. That seemed a bit meager for the price.

      1. Our first several visits in 2009 and 2010 impressed us with the quality of the food and good value. One of us raved about the lobster roll, and I had some of the best fried clams in many years, and very good fries. But in 2011 the clam plate came down about a dollar in price but had at best a half portion of clams. Against my better judgment I ordered a second portion just to get enough to eat, asking them to just sell me some clams a la carte. They refused to break up the platter, so I had some more of the fine cole slaw and some indifferent fries along with my clams. My partner thought the lobster roll was a bit smaller as well, but not as drastically downsized as the clam plate.

        We moved our base from Lower Cape to Outer Cape for our stays beginning in 2012, and did not venture back to Sesuit Cafe while on Cape.

        However, I did see some customers getting fish and chips, the portions were large and the fish looked absolutely wonderful, I suspect that is the best value in the place.

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        1. re: Dan D

          Thanks for posting.

          Just a minor, niggling FYI, Lower Cape and Outer Cape are the same thing, essentially Chatham to PTown. Brewster/Dennis/Yarmouth/Barnstable is Mid-Cape and Sandwich, Mashpee, Bourne is Upper Cape.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            CCG, thanks, it seems there is a fair amount of variation in the use of Cape location terms. I've heard Lower in a general sense as including Brewster, Chatham, Orleans to Provincetown, with Outer defined as Eastham to Provincetown, sometime including Orleans. While I've only been going to the Cape since I was five years old, our old neighbors (many of whom have passed by now, and were many generations old Cape) were adamant that Mid cape ended at Dennis and maybe Harwich, but called Brewster, Chatham, Orleans Lower, and they called Eastham and beyond Outer, so I was relying on their usage. I've noticed there is never a shortage of opinions on the Cape, LOL.

            1. re: Dan D

              There's no strict dividing line as far as I know, so your venacular is correct enough for this guy. I thought you were making the common mistake of calling, say Falmouth, lower because it's on the south side of the peninsula.