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Jun 16, 2013 10:06 AM

Near Millenium Park: Only 1 chance to eat pizza, where to go?

I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks for a wedding and the hotel is by Millenium Park. I'll have exactly 1 meal to get pizza, preferably something within walking distance/short cab ride. I live in Brooklyn and have never been to Chicago before, so tell me, where will I have the most satisfying Chicago deep-dish experience?

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  1. Pizano's on Madison, for sure. It's right across the street from the park.

    Pizano's and Lou Malnati's are our two leading practitioners of Chicago deep-dish. Both were founded by sons of one of the main people in the early decades of Uno and Due, sons who grew up working alongside their father there for years before establishing their own businesses. (Lou Malnati's is very good also, but its nearest locations are 10-15 minutes walk from Millennium Park, whereas Pizano's is right there.)