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Jun 16, 2013 08:19 AM

Bradenton/LBK/Sarasota ethnic recommendations.

Our annual week on LBK is planned for October this year so it's still a ways off but I'm ready to start accumulating lists.

I think this year we will pick two or three of our old favorites and try two or three new places with an emphasis on different cuisines for the new places.


We will be near the middle of LBK but will drive to Bradenton or Sarasota for promising places.

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  1. Jose's Real Cuban in Bradenton. It was featured in Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It is a true Dive!! But the food is good.

    Pho Cali on Main Street in Sarasota is great Vietnamese.

    Tandoor Indian on University (in Cooper Creek Plaza) is very good. They do a lunch buffet and regular dinners.


    1. El Warike in Bradenton, 4226 26th St. West, is good authentic Peruvian. Clean, not fancy, reasonably priced.

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        Aren't there several Peruvian restaurants in the area? What's up with that? What to order? Loma?

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          El Warike is the one closest to me, and the only one I have been to. I have mostly had ceviche, seafood and shrimp dishes, not lomo. You'll enjoy munching on a bowl of warm, salty cancha and sipping a chicha morada while you review the menu and specials. They made meat filled empanadas for me once which I don't think are a menu item.

      2. For really authentic Jalisco style Mexican cooking, go to Guerrero's Bakery and restaurant. This place serves excellent platos of tacos, tortas and daily specials. all sauces are housemade, as well as roasted meats, carnitas, lengua, cabeza de Vaca, etc. They have a bakery that produces all sorts of Mexican pastries, as well as fresh tortillas, (corn and flour).
        For those folks who value chain restaurant like ambiance over the taste of the dishes served; Guerrero's is NOT for you.

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          BTW; the address for Guerrero's is 3557 Webber at the NW corner of Beneva,in Sarasota.

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            Guerrero's is definitely on the list as is Jose's and El Warike.

            I should have said in the OP that an emphasis on fresh gulf seafood combined with the cuisine is a huge plus.

            Snapper Veracruz?

            Would love to catch a nice fish or two to take to Jose's or the like and ask them to cook it just like mama did.