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Rudeboy's right, we need a "favorite dishes" thread !!!

What are your go to dishes in town - no matter the complexity or price, simple or elegant ?? I've re-posted and considerably added to my rec's in response to Amysue's recent thread. kindly provide your favorites; here are some of my reasons for cash shortages:

* beef tartare, sweetbreads, and foie gras - Wink. when they rotate in the foie gras BLT, run don't walk.
* grilled fish sandwich - no contest, Bartlett's. usually drum.
* glazed donut or holes - donut crown, pillowy soft! north of anderson on Burnet.
* best hot day lunch = bockwurst, fries (maybe best in town), ephemere apple wheat beer on tap - Bangers
* Tomato basil pie and the braised chicken thighs on the buffet brunch line at Jack Allen's, sundays.
* The fresh flown in 19.99 lobsters (about 1.5 lbs) steamed served with melted butter - Quality Seafood, saturdays only. Best lobster value in Austin by far.
* The prime rib french dip au jus combo with brussels on the side coated in a citrus / maple / anchovy sauce. great bread. - Bartletts.
* An Omnivore pizza at Via 313 while you wait with an Iron Whip + 1 straight + 1 vanilla vodka shot cocktail or 50 at Violet Crown
* the beef tongue and popovers - foreign and domestic
* the #1 pork broth (tonkatsu) ramen with pork belly and a soft boiled egg and mushrooms, and a side of dumplings and spicy edamame at Ramen Tatsu-Ya
* hama chili (yellowtail), yokai berry (salmon), duck, pork belly, fried milk, tobacco cream, and everything else at Uchiko.
* the pastor and the goat barbacoa on homemade corn tortillas at La Fruta Felix
* the mushroom and leek tart (great crust) along with salad of mustard vinaigrette, or the mussels / frites - hopfields.
* the pastrami and swiss on rye, or the ham and cheese on sourdough. take it somewhere else and picnic lunch? - melvin's
* halibut cheek - barley swine
* the three course prix fixe at lenoir - my faves thus far = heirloom tomato + watermelon salad and the crispy goat terrine (great dish). sit out back and drink wine in that cute little back yard area. the cobia was forgettable.
* the med. rare cold beef and cheddar on soft rye with horseradish sauce with a side of about 6 deviled eggs (with notes of curry and cayenne, best version ever). Little deli
* yellowtail and salmon sashimi for value and consistency - DK market, north lamar.
* carne guisada + cheddar taco - Mi Madres. This may be the best version in town. A deep dark brown and well spiced sauce, melty chuck roast chunks
* salsa sampler, guacamole, and tortas ahogada at La Condessa
* guajillo fajitas - Polvo's
* the Puerco con Cascabel at Sazon - damn their salsa and service though.
* Pozole rojo - Los Pinos
* fried eggplant pizza and a side of pear gorgonzola salad - Home Slice
* $42 smoked grilled medium rare elk backstrap and gulf crab - Hudson's on the Bend
* Hippie salad and a prime burger + cheddar and bacon jam, in the back garden for lunch, Trio.
* pork rib BBQ - tied for Brown's on S. Lamar (5 min.) and Franklin's (120 min)
* egg salad tartine (buttered) - blue dahlia
* burnt fatty brisket ends - Franklin
* collard greens and catfish - East 12th Kafe
* Ma Po Tofu - slight edge to Szechuan House, A+A Sichuan Garden, Asia Cafe.
* Iced Black Tea - my go to thirst quencher is at Bill Miller's
* chicken fried anything, fried okra, meatloaf - Dahlia Cafe in Liberty Hill
* Fried egg + biscuit / gravy breakfast, orange / ruby yolk winner - Monument Cafe
* Chocolate (mouse) monument pie, walnut-ey crust, whipping cream - Monument Cafe
* smoked chicken thighs and simmered, zippy cabbage - Brown's BBQ
* jumbo shrimp cocktail and bourbon bread pudding, sunday buffet line - Green Pastures.
* stuffed croissants (ham or turkey / cheese) - Quack's, sold out by mid morning
* pambazo mexican street food sandwich - Don Mario's, hudson bend rd.
* lobster roll and fries - Clark's.
* blue crab lump crab cakes - my house. no restaurant makes them better here, unfortunately. crab, white bread, egg yolk, slight onion, mayo, maille mustard, old bay. heavy fry pan. atop lightly dressed arugula with lemon / olive oil.

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  1. Here's a start for everyday go-to favorites:

    Roast duck, eggplant hot pot, Chinese broccoli, and shrimp wonton soup at Din Ho

    Cheeseburger at Nau's

    Table salsa at El Azteca and the Combo #1 (I substitute a chicken taco for beef)

    Charbroiled chicken with hot corn tortillas and that amazing green sauce from El Pollo Rico

    Whole Foods: Chicken scallopini from the deli counter and the Italian condiment bar (incredible pasta dishes made easy, just cook the pasta and toss your choices in)

    I used to love the jalapeno chicken at Suzi's but haven't been there since I moved south.

    On the fancier side;

    Jar Jar Duck at Uchiko

    Duck enchiladas with spinach poblano sauce at Fonda San Miguel

    Crab cake at Clark's (only because slowcooked hasn't invited me over for his yet)

    1. I come to town for like a month each year and hit some of my favorite places for my best loved Austin meals. I will probably add on more as I eat around town this visit. Some of these places I have been visiting since high school and have stayed good. I am very much out of touch with the trendy places but these are some favorites:

      Sea Dragon: hu tieu ap chao do bien which is like seafood chow fun but Vietnamese style where the fresh wide flat rice noodles (banh pho or hieu tieu) are seared against the hot wok giving them a smokey flavor, charring them a bit, and making them clump together leaving some crispy and some chewy and gooey. It's hard to find places that do this right, and I have tried this all over the country but love Sea Dragon's best. They also do good mi xao don, clay pot dishes, oyster stir fry, pretty much all of their seafood stuff is awesome. I am a huge fan

      If I feel like spending, Sea Dragon also makes deeelicious ginger -scallion lobster.

      Korea House: Hae Mul Jab Tang seafood and vegetables stewed with clear broth, has some glass noodles (dang myun) in it.

      Whole chicken meal (rice, beans, tortilla, grilled onion, green sauce) from El Pollo Rico, I am not copycatting Ashforth, I eat this once a week when I visit and make it my "last meal" before I leave town.

      Duck at First Chinese BBQ or either of the Hos.

      Gumbo's crawfish etouffee.

      Enchiladas potosinas from La Fogata, the beef kind.

      Ceviche and goat barbacoa tacos from Taco More. Taco More is a gem of a place.

      Pound of beef cheek barbacoa from Mi Victoria.

      Breakfast quesadillas de calabacita and tlacoyos de frijol (blue corn tlacoyos over here!) from Panadería Chuy. Get some baked goods to take home.

      I love the downtown farmer's market tamales, especially the chiapanecos in banana leaf.

      I love Tamales Leo tamales and we have them at family parties. Definitely gonna order a bunch for our 4th of July meal. Spicy green chicken, mmmm!

      Go to Uchis and just order several orders of foie gras sushi.

      Titaya's chu chee fish, it's batter fried fish in velvety thick red curry sauce, which sounds super heavy but is actually extremely delicious.

      A plate of pupusas de queso y frijol with a chicken tamal in banana leaf at Costa Del Sol. Also some yuca fries. Request some curtido to go and eat at home later!

      1. Fried Crawfish Tails @ Cherry Creek Catfish
        Camarao da Vo Naica @ Sao Paulo - a rich shrimp and palm oil dish served in a pumpkin
        Fish Tacos @ Taco Joint - fresh, hot handmade tortillas make this special
        Village Tacos @ Amaya's Taco Village - my current favorite Tex-Mex dish
        Escolar Miso-Yaki @ Kome - simply prepared and simply wonderful
        Marinated Chicken @ 1st Chinese BarBQ - moist and flavorful
        Chicken Biryani @ Shalimar - get it to order (not from the buffet) and if you ask for extra spice, it will burn in a good way
        Rabbit & Dumplings @ Contigo
        Sesame Catfish with garlic aioli @ Eastside Cafe - a sophisticated take on a southern classic
        The massive Smoked Porkchop @ Perry's
        The classicly prepared Onion Soup @ Justine's
        The intensely hot Pad Cha Catfish @ Madam Mam's
        A-1 Thich-n-Hearty add jalapenos, lettuce and tomato with fries, spicy ketchup @ Whataburger - if your gonna slum with chain food, at least do it right.

        1. Deep fried beef rib at Jack Allen's.

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          1. Uchiko- Jar jar duck( both rosemary smoke and applewood smoke)
            Noble Pig-tounge sandwich
            Forigne and domestic-crispy pork jowls
            cuban sandwich cafe-cuban pulled pork
            East side king-chicken liver foie sandwich
            swifts attic-duck wings

            i cant go on i am getting hungry

            1. Ok I s'pose Rudeboy is right just this once ;-)

              =========== Breakfast

              - pancake @ Jim's Restaurant (dinner)

              - Kerbey Lane's Eggs San Francisco

              - Scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy from The Noble Pig

              =========== Lunch or dinner

              - Fish Tacos with fancy rice at Cover 2

              Drive-through hamburger - Kid's cheeseburger at Elevation burger with
              - balsamic mustard
              - carmelized onions
              - hot pepper relish

              Restaurant burger

              Bartletts, such a classic
              Hopdoddy magic schroom burger

              - Cedar planked salmon with soy butter on the side from Roaring Fork at Stonelake off braker

              Iced Tea - Trio in the Four Seasons downtown
              Even the iced cubes are made of ice tea

              Popovers with dinner - Trio

              =========== Dessert

              Hmm. Nothing from a restaurant comes to mind. First thing I thought of was HEB fruit pie slices. One slice is big enough for 2 people, and their crust is better than I've made from scratch. They must use more lard.

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              1. re: sweet100s

                Ha! I've been out of the game for a while, so I haven't been right for a while.

                I might come up with others later, but I like:

                Salt and Pepper Crawfish at Sea Dragon
                Singapore noodles at Shu Shu's (add sambal to it, though)
                Big smoked pork chop at Shoal Creek
                Duck Confit at La Traviata (it's been a while)
                Frog's legs at Asia Cafe
                Totino's pizza at HEB (I'm a sucker for those)

                1. re: rudeboy

                  "Totino's pizza at HEB (I'm a sucker for those)"

                  must admit to Totinos pizza rolls at HEB-

                  mom found me eating them for breakfast "are you eating pizza rolls for breakfast?"
                  I answered " no they are italian breakfast rolls"

              2. Mrs Ps Electric Cock
                three piece chicken and Waffle

                Tio Dan's
                puffy Tacos

                fijta steak and huevos


                1. Awesome thread!

                  Green Chili Pork taco at Torchy's
                  Cerveza steak fajitas at Polvos
                  The green sauce all by itself as a meal at El Rico ;)

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                  1. Foie Gras Nigiri from Uchi

                    1. The duck fried rice at Ho Hos. The burger and Austin Land and Cattle.

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                      1. re: Rptrane

                        The (relatively) new burger at Max's Wine Dive and the one at the Roaring Fork!

                      2. I don't even know where to start! In no particular order, and definitely forgetting tons:

                        Uchi - Uchiviche
                        Uchiko - Jar Jar Duck, Tobacco Cream
                        Perla's - Halibut Collar, Lobster Roll, Soft Shell Crab BLT
                        Sway - Jungle Curry, Son In Law
                        ESK - Beet Fries
                        Polvos - Enchiladas Doña Clara, Grilled Chicken Breast (sounds boring, is actually surprisingly delicious)
                        Counter Cafe - Quali & Eggs
                        Frisco - Frisco Burger w/Onion Rings (some of the best in town IMHO)
                        Blue Dahlia - Egg Salad Tartine
                        Elizabeth St Cafe - Crab Spring Rolls
                        Asia Cafe - Spicy Fish Filet
                        Ramen Tatsu-Ya - Tonkotsu Original w/Spicy Bomb
                        Contigo - Beef Tongue Hash
                        Second - Texas Benedict
                        24 Diner - Charred Bitters Salad w/Chicken
                        G'Raj Mahal - Baingan Bartha, Rechaad Masala (w/Fish)

                        Ok have to stop now...

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                        1. re: popvulture

                          a coworker was recently visiting from CA, and we did brunch at contigo. i got the tongue hash, he had the rabbit. we were both happy. yum...

                          1. re: popvulture

                            Must add (and I'm sure more to come later):

                            Ankimo Kobachi (monkfish liver paté) and Saba Shio-Yaki (grilled mackerel) at Kome.

                            Vietnamese: Bun, 5-Spice Chicken at Sunflower / Pho, Bun Bo Hue at Tan My / Banh Mi at Tam Deli (note: for convenience factor, I do rather like the Banh Mi at Elizabeth St)

                            BBQ: I of course love Franklin, but my favorite place to make an event of (and you can actually go at lunch time!) is Luling City Market. No-fuss (you can actually go on a whim!) in town BBQ faves are Ruby's and Green Mesquite.

                            1. re: popvulture

                              How does Blue Dahlia make their Egg Salad Tartine?


                            2. anyone familiar with dishola? i've been using it for a few years now. it's basically a website where users posts about amazing dishes, complete with pics & search features. i've found some good stuff on it. the founder used to live in austin so it's well represented.

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                              1. re: dinaofdoom

                                Good rec !! I've not heard of that site.

                                1. re: slowcoooked

                                  it's got some good stuff, especially in the austin area. definitely a little different from your usual food site.

                              2. (facepalm...) Okay, now I KNOW I'm out of the rounds.

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                                1. The Emperor -- DFG noodles
                                  Salted caramel gelato - Teo
                                  Rice wrap with pork roll + shrimp/yam fritters - Tam's
                                  Potato Egg taco - El Taco Rico
                                  Hamburger- Mulberry
                                  Fries - Parkside
                                  Any cupcake - Sugarmamas
                                  Beef rib - Stiles Switch
                                  Shrimp with crushed pepper - Asia Cafe
                                  Lahsuni Paneer Tikka - Bombay Bistro

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                                  1. re: Carter B.

                                    Sugar mamas does blow "hey crapcake" out of the water.

                                  2. There's 'a most distinct distinction,' as is said, between 'best things you ever ate' and 'your favorite dishes.' For instance, I would never call the $300/bite of kaiseki Matsusaka beef one of my 'favorite dishes.' The latter falls more in the lines of good, comfort dishes (often non-fancy) I could go to on an daily basis:

                                    NS-5 (now S-NS5) at Sap's - pork slices, ground pork, fish meatballs, surimi crab in pork broth. $7.50. Must get w/ the flat rice noodles, and ask for ground peanuts.

                                    #1 lunch special at Sunflower (5 spice chicken) - the most tender chicken I've ever tasted.

                                    Roast pork at Ho Ho Chinese BBQ - a revelation (no take out, must eat in)

                                    Pan fried buns at Sichuan Garden (again no take out, must eat in)

                                    Yukhoe (beef tartare) bibimbab at Korea Garden

                                    Yuca frita con chicharron at El Zunzal

                                    Um pouco de tudo apps plate at Rio's - half price at happy hr

                                    Aji de gallina at La Chaparrita

                                    Frozen mango pudding, ras malai, and shahi tukra at Chola.