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Jun 16, 2013 07:08 AM

Dinner fairly close to La Guardia; have car

We are flying this Wed on an early flight from La Guardia; we live on Eastern Long Island so will have to spend night in hotel near airport. But that night, Tuesday, is my husband's birthday. So we thought we would drive in, eat a lovely dinner, and then drive to hotel. We can be anywhere since we have a car but don't want to be too far if we have enjoyed a bottle of wine. I know Flushing is quite close but we do not want Chinese( just had a big meal last week in Chinatown). We also do not want Indian. Would prefer French, with Italian or American second. One place that looked good that I read about here in Astoria called Cafe Triskell is closed on Tuesday. Bummer


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  1. Here's a very recent thread that is worth looking at:

    1. Alchemy Texas BBQ in Jackson Heights.
      Not fancy. Great BBQ. Might be BYOB.
      Very close to LGA

      1. Read up on Astoria threads in the outer boroughs boards. Depending on your preferences, you'll find a lot of really good choices.

        Really close to the airport, lots of good food.

        I found this old thread in the tri state archives, where most of the astoria/LIC discussion is:

        And this from the link in that post:

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          Thank you all. From one link above I am now settled on Greek in Astoria. Trying to decide between MP Taverna( leaning towards this one) and Agnanti

        2. For French you can't go wrong with Tournesol, I like it better than Triskells which has good food but is very tight and sometimes you leave there smelling strongly of food.

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            Thank you. I will keep Tournesol in mind for my next trip but I have decided to go with MP Taverna because of the high praise here on Chow and elsewhere. Plus it just looks nicer for a birthday celebration. I will also be sure to report back after my return. I can't tell everyone how much I enjoy using this site. The recommendations are always spot on.

            1. re: clarkgranny

              I don't think French is a reason anyone goes to queens as of right now. And while tournesol is quite decent, it's not anything I'd send a tourist to. It's right off the lie, so it might Be a quick jaunt but its still not that close. But whatever, you prob won't go wrong there unless they don't like your party size.

              1. re: Jeffsayyes

                Ha ha I am not exactly a tourist. Lived in Manhattan for years. Just live out on Eastern LI now. But thank you about your advice. I decided to eat at MP Taverna based on recommendations here

                1. re: clarkgranny

                  Great choice. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of it.

          2. If its not too late Parkside fits the bill, and 10 minutes from LaGuardia