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Jun 15, 2013 09:11 PM

Derailed -- and seeking lunch in Rennes, Laval, or le Mans, SVP

We learned today that our plans to TGV from Cancale/ St.-Malo to Paris have been derailed by track maintenance work – apparently, almost no trains will run out there for three consecutive days. Tant pis! And so we will drive back, and, making lemonade, trade a train picnic for a lunch stop. The problem: It will be a Monday. I was thinking of Les Carmes in Rennes ( e.g.,, but it and quite a few other prospects are ferme that day. Any other lunch suggestions in these three cites or nearby? Thanks.

PS: We are not looking for stars, but still this -- just north of Rennes -- looks interesting: Le Saison ( -- any experience from this forum? -- Jake

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  1. Hi Jake;
    The last resto on that post is in Josselin at Du Chateau and it was rather nice. Open on Monday.

    1. L'Edelweiss in Laval gave us a good and copious lunch, and it's open Monday.

      1. Rennes and Laval are not the most fascinating places in France.
        Not too far from Rennes is the pretty and authentic farm-inn Ferme-auberge de Mésauboin, serving a very limited menu of all farm-food, near the village of Fougère.

        1. Another place near the city of Mayenne is La marjolaine at Moulay. This is a hotel-restaurant in a lovely setting, beautiful buildings, fine old trees, next to (but high above) the Mayenne river, and as I recall the lunch was pretty good but not great. However, the dining room was elegant and that plus the surroundings made it a special lunch for us. However, our old Michelin seems to suggest that it's closed Monday, which I can't confirm from their website.

          1. Thanks for all of these helpful replies. I just emailed with Parigi's Ferme-auberge de Mésauboin, and they quickly confirmed they are open for lunch on Monday (could not tell from their website), and so that's a good possibility. -- Jake