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Jun 15, 2013 08:51 PM

Rome itinerary for anniversary trip

Hi chowhounders!
Hubby and I will be in Rome in July for 8 days celebrating our 10th anniversary.
We've rented an apartment in the campo de fiori so we'll probably have a little breakfast before heading out each day. I've read the campo de fiori marketplace isn't the best place so is there another marketplace or shops nearby where we can stock up on breakfast items (fruit, cheese, coffee) and snack foods (salumi, cheese, vegetables, wine)?

Here are my restaurant picks so far. If i don't mention lunch, its because I plan to use Katie Parla and Elizabeth Minchilli's apps to help wherever we've ended up at lunch time. Please let me know if I've made any mistakes, left anything important out, etc. I was also hoping for some nice seafood maybe La Gensola or Pierluigi. Should I substitute any of the ones I have for either one of those? I thank you for any and all thoughts!

Day 1 thurs: arrive at 5pm. Was thinking cool ambience might trump amazing food this night with our jet lag so was considering Costanza for dinner.

Day 2 Fri: actual anniversary! Plan to pick up picnic items and take them to borghese gardens (where should we stop for this?)
Anniversary dinner at Pipero Al Rex. Romantic atmosphere is as important as food this night. Good choice?

Day 3 Sat:
Lunch: l'asino d'oro (plan to be at nearby capitoline museum
Dinner: checchino dal 1887

Day 4 Sun:
Dinner: Cesare al Casaletto

Day 5 Mon:
Dinner: Colline Emiliane?

Day 6 Tue:
Vatican day. Grabbing a slice from pizzarium.
Dinner: Renato e Luisa or Armando al Pantheon or Settimio al Pellegrino.

Day 7 wed:
Lunch: Taverna dei Fiore
Dinner: wine and food tasting at Roscioli

Day 8 thurs: dinner at L'Arcangelo

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  1. Pipero is good for a celebration. L'asino d'oro isn't THAT close to the museum. It's walking distance, but not if your feet hurt. Colline Emiliane is closed Sunday evening and all Monday.

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      Thank you for that. I guess I will not plan on l'asino d'oro for lunch that day. It will be a very busy day so I'm sure our feet will indeed hurt.

      Another question, if I may. I was hoping to do the Rocioli wine tasting & food pairing simply for fun. We enjoy those types of events here at home even with what I'm sure is far inferior food and wine. We enjoy the social and jovial nature of those types of tastings. But, I am also planning on a wine tasting with vino roma (my italians). While this also looks fun, my main goal here is the educational aspects of the tasting so that I might be more confident in my ordering throughout the trip. Are the experiences different enough that we can take away different things or should we choose one? In this case, I would probably go with vino roma. I appreciate any insight into the 2 tastings.

      1. re: MelB5

        I haven't been to a tasting at Roscioli (though I have eaten there and enjoyed it), so I can't compare the two tastings, but I did the My Italians class at Vinoroma with my husband, and we thought it was a great experience. One thing that I especially liked was that Hande took some background info from everyone, learned that my husband had spent a great deal of time in the Langhe region in Piemonte, and swapped out one of the original choices for something less familiar to him. It also gave us a chance to tour her wine cellar. I think the Vinoroma classes are more informative, less social than some classes I've taken, and I'm guessing that the Roscioli tasting might be--as you said--simply for fun.

        1. re: MelB5

          Sorry--forgot to mention a couple more things:

          I see you're planning Thursday at L'Arcangelo, which I'm assuming is no coincidence, and that you're planning to have their wonderful gnocchi. I had lunch there (also on a Thursday by design) and thought they served some of the best gnocchi I've ever had. I didn't try their suppli, which I am regretting to this day.

          I would try to fit L'Asino d'or into your plans if you can. I know that not everyone loves it, but you would be hard-pressed to match that price for a comparable lunch. The portions are on the smallish side, which I actually thought was a good thing--many times, I was too full from lunch to have dinner.

          For picnic items, you might want to check out Beppe i suoi formaggi, or Guadeo for sandwiches. There's also a place near the Spanish Steps that I haven't tried but is supposed to do nice picnic lunches, but I can't remember the name. Perhaps someone can help out?

          1. re: lisaonthecape

            Thanks lisaonthecape! Great insight, I really appreciate it! Yes, L'Arcangelo on Thurs was definitely for the gnocchi! Glad to hear its as good as I'm hoping! And, thank you for the info on L'Asino d'Oro. I think you're right, at that price I will definitely make an effort to get there for the lunch special one of those days.

            1. re: lisaonthecape

              I know this is an old post but I think that you may be referring to GiNa?

        2. There are great places to get picnic things near Campo. Among them:
          -Forno dei Campo dei Fiori for pizza bianca
          -Norcineria Viola - cured meats
          -I Formaggi di Gianni e Paola This little store specializes in fresh cheeses like mozarella, ricotta and burrata, from Puglia. Vicolo del Gallo 18

          For seafood these days I am loving Localino di Claudio, off Via Veneto. This is frpm the owner of La Gensola, but much less crowded. And they have outdoor tables.

          Anniversary dinner: Pipero fine. But also Antico Arco is very romantic. I loved Metamofosi for our own anniversary.

          Regarding wine tasting, I think you will get a better learning experience from Vinoroma, than from Roscioli.

          The rest sounds good. But I wouldn't make a huge effort to get to Colline Emiliane unless you are touring in that neighborhood anyway.For lunches decide where to go, based on what you are doing,

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          1. re: minchilli

            Ah! The woman herself! I'm honored you'd answer my post! Your app has been incredibly helpful!!
            Thank you! Yes, the pizza Bianca at forno dei campo dei fiori! I'd read about it but couldn't remember the name (should've been an easy one but I guess not lol)
            Thanks so much for all the suggestions. Much appreciated! I will look into maybe substituting pipero al rex for antico arco this will be, of course, our most important meal so it must be wonderful on all levels! i will try to fit in Localino de Claudio, it sounds great!
            As for Monday we've decided to daytrip to Orvieto so that eliminates that day anyway so I will definitely drop Colline Emiliane.
            You all have been very helpful, thank you!

          2. Forgot to mention Roscioli bakery for take out. They have excellent prepared food in the back room that would make a splendid picnic.

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. Good choices: Checchino dal 1887 to sample the classic Roman cuisine of Testaccio, Armando al Pantheon for an upscale classic trattoria.

                Bad choices: Roscioli (bad service), Colline Emiliane (though I haven't been in 10+years) -- if you want good Emilian-Bolognan food, go to Bolognia.

                I've never been to your other choices.

                Consider adding
                -- Enoteca Corsi for dinner ("lunch" to you Yankees),
                -- Il Convivio for a fine dining supper ("dinner" to you Yankees),
                -- Agata e Romeo for fine dining,
                -- Pierluigi for seafood,
                -- La Campana for a classic Roman trattoria,
                -- Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino (another classic trattoria)
                -- L’Archeologia on the Appian Way
                -- Ostaria da Nerone
                -- and a place that specializes in the Roman Jewish cuisine (Maureen Fant likes Ba’ Ghetto for Kosher and Piperno for non-Kosher, and I had a good "lunch" last in 2004 at La Taverna del Ghetto (kosher).

                Check not only Parla and Minchilli but also Maureen Fant's webpage for her list in a .pdf file

                My own list, for what it's worth: