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Jun 15, 2013 08:02 PM

Grand Central Oyster Bar $ for sort of Fathers Day

My son wanted to take me to GCOB for Fathers Day. It can't happen until next weekend when it will probably be less crowded anyway. If we're just having a large assortment of oysters how much might this run for 2?

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  1. Depends how many oysters you eat and how many. They update their online menu regularly. Here is today's menu, with prices:

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      What oysters you eat, rather. Some are much pricier than others.

    2. As Kathryn says, depends on how many oysters you have. They will run you at least $2 each and go up from there. A dozen can cost you $30+ easily. If two of you go and have cocktails and a couple dozen each, plan on $200 or so. At least that's what it can run me.

      1. Price aside, I'd recommend sitting at the bar: you get to see the action of the chowder cookers and the shuckers, but thats me.

        1. 2-4 dollars each. It's not that bad at all, for oysters. You get into trouble there when you order other stuff - stuff which I haven't had anything that seems worth it as much as the oysters.

          def recommend the place though... could be my fav oyster bar in the city.

          1. Agree the oysters are the only thing to get here, besides the herring in season. But watch out for sloppy shucking of oysters, often they are filled with cracked shell and sand. A nice selection of white wines by the glass. The other offerings are pathetic and ridiculously overpriced. We shared fried clams and smelts. They could have been Stouffer's frozen, over breaded and tasteless. Honestly, I don't care to ever go back.