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Jun 15, 2013 05:45 PM

Finely aged 50ish Women Heading to Paso Robles Wine Country

We are spending Friday evening at Concert in the Park.
Saturday will be, wine tasting.
Saturday evening a nice leisurely dinner.
Sunday breakfast in Templeton at Hoovers Beef Palace.

Any recommendations for us?

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  1. pass through Tulsa and pick up my finaly aged widowed grandfather?

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      LOL! That's so cute that you are looking after your finely aged grandfather.

    2. Welcome to Chowhound. This type of open ended question gets asked a lot. Please take some time to read through past topics on Paso Robles and then if something interests you please post more specific questions about a particular winery or restaurant.

      Here are couple of recent topics to get you started:
      Searching the California board for "paso robles" returns 50 topics.

      There are several highly recommended restaurants in downtown PR right near the Square. I like Bistro Laurent. Probably best to make reservations for Saturday night.

      The west side of Highway 101 has many wineries and lets you drive through some beautiful rolling hills on little windy roads. I think Tablas Creek is a must, as it is one of the original wineries to start up in Paso Robles and start growing the Rhone varietals that this area is now known for.

      Make sure you get a Winery map/brochure from your hotel so you can navigate while you are out tasting.

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        Thank you for your help. Appreciate all idea!

      2. Two other options near the square are Artisan and Thomas Hill organics

        1. I would recommend Il Cortile(in Paso Robles) for dinner. Italian, with my favorite dishes being the specials with truffles and a good selection of Italian wines. We have been there several times and it has been consistently good. Have also been to Bistro Laurent, since I really like French food, so wanted to try it, but have not been particularly impressed.